Drupalcon 2008 - Drupal college

In this session I will propose Drupal college: a traineeship program that lets wanabe drupal developers work for an established company but from Hungary (e.g. a company from the US has 2 trainees that learn Drupal while working on real projects in Szeged).

The company can train students at reduced and gets the fruits of their work. The student gets a traineeship in a creative collaborative environment and learns Drupal. Students will also get to know Hungarian developers they can later work with when they go back to their home country.

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drupal booking system brainstorm

I want to do this session to see whether it's possible to have a booking system
api for drupal. My thoughts are that thru' the use of an api, contributed
modules could then be created that would provide 'objects' that can be booked,
eg; room booking, flight booking, hire car booking, etc
Also, to have the option of hooking into ecommerce if required (my requirements
are for a room booking system that only takes reservations, payments are done
thru' another system).
I think this is possible by reusing some of the existing core and contributed

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Maintaining your own branch of Drupal core

Neil Drumm, the Drupal 5.x maintainer, talks about his experiences being a Drupal core maintainer. Includes how to do the main task, review patches.

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Drupal for Facebook

[UPDATE: I've attached the slides from my presentation. Also, code is checked into]

There's a lot of buzz about Facebook Applications these days. Scan,, even and you'll find a lot of interest in how Drupal works with Facebook. But you'll find mostly questions, not clear answers, about what Drupal means to Facebook and vice versa. This is in part because the Facebook API is so new, and in part because there is no prevailing vision of what Drupal <--> Facebook integration really means.

Average: 3.3 (11 votes) Shop Talk has been around for almost a year as the community hub for the Ubercart project, handling everything from documentation to support to bug tracking. We've taken advantage of many great contributed modules in our site construction, particularly Views + CCK + Contemplate which you'll find behind our new contributions and sites directories as well as the new issue tracker and part of the documentation. While we may be doing things right now, we've done plenty of things wrong along the way and would be more than happy to share our experiences with other site developers and hear what's worked for you.

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Affiliated sites: a cross-domain approach

Using the example of the soon-to-be-relaunched Skirt! magazine web sites, we'll dive into the creation of an affiliated network of sites using some key Drupal features.

First, the business rules of Skirt! for background. Skirt! franchises are licensed to major U.S. newspaper companies. The web site rules are:

* One national site with selected content from all affiliates.
* Affiliates with local content and selected national content.
* Local editors can only edit their local content.

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Presentation of Drupal powered sites

Could be either a cession for Drupalcon or Drupalshow.


Presentation of different existing Drupal sites. Real sites not 3 members and 100 page vues a month :). Ie for example 1.000 members or a million page vue a month or more than a year of interesting experience...

The idea is to have maybe 4-5 different sites with each 5 mn presentation of experience, modules used, lesson learned... and 5-10 mn questions, exchanges...

Among the sites presented :

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Drupal vs Facebook

Those are 2 different worlds but it could be interesting, following the success (in terms of number of users, number of applications, widgets dissemination, ease of use...) to analyze what can be learned for Drupal from the Facebook implementation, design, strategy...

This is more an open discussion than a presentation. I would like to partner with someone more technical than myself (we run 4 Drupal sites but I do not code) to share insights, prepare together and participate to the debate with everybody.

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Install Profiles: what are they, where are they heading

We'll walk through the process of creating an install profile using Drupal's core "Default" as an example, and show how you can create an install profile using cut and paste.

You don't need to be a hardcore developer to make an install profile: it's patience and lots of tweaking and tuning until you've got it right.

The install_profile_api project now includes a rudimentary profile wizard that works with to do some of the basics of creating an install profile for you.

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Creating Applications with Drupal

This session will look into how to leverage Drupal to create full scale end-to-end applications (as opposed to general community web sites). The discussion will touch on the common needs of web-based applications and look at how to cluster existing functionality and modules in order to meet these needs. A major portion of the discussion will also be spent talking about gaps in functionality that still have not been bridged.

A few sample discussion topics:

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