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Scaling the Drupal.org infrastructure

Drupal.org has been scaling steadily from 6 million to 18 million users per month. Then we hit a wall. This session will explain what happened, and how the Drupal association, the Drupal infrastructure team, and OSUOSL worked together to buy, build, and borrow our way to grow our way to 30 million page views by August 2008.

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Showcase: lafarga.cat

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State of Drupal development in Catalonia

This is a session proposal for the Drupalshow where some Catalan developers will talk on what is going on in Catalonia about Drupal, who is who, what is being done, etc.

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How to install and beginning to use Drupal

In this session we will install Drupal with the most common Internet tools that any average user can use: an ftp client, a web browser and a text edit software. We will demonstrate on Linux, Mac and Windows also how to begin to use Drupal, what are the first steps in order to have a usable Drupal in minutes, where we can find Drupal resources and how to use them, where to look for help, what are the main problems we might find with a shared hosting, etc.

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Hello Ubercart! (Drupalshow Session)

Proposed Drupalshow session:

For years now, osCommerce and its derivatives have dominated the open source e-commerce scene. While an e-commerce package for Drupal has been actively developed for the past few years, it has yet to achieve the low barrier to entry and bustling community of users and developers necessary to take on the giants. Enter Ubercart.

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The state of Drupal

Exact topics to be defined. Please take part in our State of Drupal survey to help fuel this presentation. Thanks!

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