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Drupal 6 theme system

Earl will walk through some of the changes in the theming system and how they affect both module and theme developers in Drupal 6.

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Drupal and Change Management

A discussion of Drupal and some general project change management. This
will also include a review of DAST, Phing, and the new Autopilot system.
The session will then turn towards an open forum of "change mamangement"
scenarios and the best practices to handle them.

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Asset Management

Asset management, particularly the management of audio, video, and image content, tends to be the cornerstone of most of our large-scale projects.
While we've had nominal success with a variety of the image management tools for Drupal, every module tends to have weaknesses:
- image-only support
- duplicating work already in core
- poor architecture
- lack of organization or file-system-like structure

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CCK 6.x and Beyond

Brainstorm / discuss changes to CCK that have been made or should be made in 6.x and future directions for CCK for Drupal 7, including moving some or all of CCK to core in 7.x.

This is a workshop/brainstorming session, so don't expect a lecture, but do come with ideas to improve CCK going forward and to get more of CCK in core in the next version.

UPDATE: See session notes at

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Ubercart Development

Skill level note: To fully understand the session, programmer skill would be required. However, much of the discussion would be fully understandable by anyone with administrator skill on up.

Ubercart, a new e-commerce module package for Drupal, has been in development for almost a year now and is still going strong. While many Drupal site owners, consultants, and development studios have been getting on board using and developing for Ubercart, the project is still an unknown entity in the Drupal community at large. This session is meant to start fixing that, offering anyone who attends a firsthand account of the project, the current status of Ubercart use and development, and a whole host of tips for getting in on the action.

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Work Group: Unified Content Abstraction for Drupal

I have been working on the MySite module for a year now, and there are a growing number of modules that are solving a similar problem: How do I pull content from Drupal and present it in a different context than it was originally intended?

Example modules:

* Panels
* Views
* Custom PHP Blocks
* Google Gadget creator [by FGM]
* Component
* MySite

I have specifically been trying MySite/Panels/Views integration, and it seems the best path is to unify the underlying logic systems for defining, selecting, and generating content.

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Drupal 6 - Help us Polish and Release

Developers and testers are encouraged to attend this session so we can develop a battle plan for getting Drupal 6, our latest and greatest effort, out the door and into the hands of our users. We'll describe the different roles (issue review, bug fix, patch review/testing, etc.) and find something for everyone to do. You need not have ninja skills, just an eagerness to participate.

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Using Drupal as a Backend for Firefox Extensions

This is a case study showing some of the synergies and obstacles of using Drupal as the server-side application to support the client lifecycle of a Firefox Extension.

Many of the social networking facilities of Drupal match the requirements of Firefox Extensions (so-called Add-ons) quite well. But there are interesting challenges for developing server-side logic in Drupal to support the on-ramp of Rich Internet Applications that those little Firefox Extensions really are.

What we'll cover:

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Image handling in core... for real this time.

It's one of those often discussed, but never completed things. Everyone knows Drupal core could do a better job with images... so why doesn't it?

Well, it's time for things to change. If you've ever thought Drupal should do a better job out of the box manipulating images and making it easier for users to upload images and embed them in their content... and you're willing to help do something about it. This session is for you.

We're gonna come up with a plan, and we're gonna make it happen.

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Drupal and SimpleXML

One of the biggest advantages to the PHP 5 for Drupal 7 will be taking advantage PHP's Simple XML extension. SimpleXML is, as advertised, much simpler than PHP 4's expat XML parsing. In this session we'll look at how to use SimpleXML to quickly and efficiently parse and generate XML documents... and how much code and effort it will save us in Drupal 7.

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