Discussion on new forms of business from social enterprise, NFPO's to companies that donate to charity such at

Group discussion about the future of trade embracing the open source community's aspirations and ethics.

Should trade donate 100% net profit to charity and Not For Profit Organisations for everyones gain?

How can charity spending be made more efficient?

All opinions and comments are welcome in this open ended group discussion.

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From HTML to XUL, Web to Desktop

The next generation of technologies are targeting the desktop in a way never before possible. Network enabled applications interact with rich datasets provided on the web, using techniques and technologies common on most advanced websites; user interfaces will be static and dynamic, data will be local and remote, online/offline. How will this evolution happen and what does it mean for the web?

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The ESN Galaxy: A Drupal-powered European-wide network

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a volunteer organization with 250 local branches in 33 European countries. Every branch had its own, often bad and unmaintained, website and a deep reorganization was needed. We will describe how we achieved this, and much more, by using Drupal.

We chose Drupal for a common website template since it was easy to customize (we added a ESN theme and preconfigured some modules), to administer (volunteers are not skilled webmasters) and extend (so that every branch would be able to activate the modules they needed). We then moved on to building a full distribution profile: we will describe advantages and difficulties of this move, which eventually led to our aim of making our website template easy for anyone to install and administer.

A great benefit we got from choosing Drupal was the possibility to visually aggregate data into one website, called the ESN Galaxy: thanks to Drupal's built-in RSS feeds, we can now automatically track the activity of local branches, gather it from the individual websites and display it on a summary page with maps.

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Training is working & doing

A lot of Drupal-community-members helped me last months.
Thanks all!
Can I help the community?
As I am convinced that Open Source is a good direction the world could benefit from, I organize a training/meeting on the Dutch/Belgian border. Students from several schools will be able to learn and train.The concept text to attrack students from schools in Belgium, Holland and Germany reads:
"Learn Open Source 2008
May 24&25th, between Antwerpen & Rotterdam
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Semantic Search - Semantic Web and Drupal

Covers the last year of work on integrating Drupal with RDF stores. DrupalCon will conincide with the launch of the full beta of the Semantic Search module.

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Creating a Drupal Specific QA Team

Open source code traditionally finds quality through the initial code review process prior to to a commit, and also the "release often" policy of getting lots of hands on the code early.

But sometimes it can be beneficial to do some more structured QA (quality assurance work) even if it's done in a nontraditional manner.

I hope that through this session wo can talk about some current and possibile initiatives to improve the quality of Drupal's code. The metric that I use to define "quality code" in this area is the number of unknown critical bugs that are shipped with a product.

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Drupal and Open Technology Devlopment in support of Capability Building for Humanitarian and Stabalization Operations

A presentation on our 3 year involvement and significant investment in (as DoD) with the adoption and deployment of drupal and floss -

Presentation will cover the concepts of "microinfrastrcture" the relationship to open source communities (specifically with Drupal as a case study) the challenges of management, investment and capability building, both within the community, and for "consumer" of drupal products.

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Building High Traffic and Scalable Businesses with Drupal

Can Drupal meet the needs of my fast growing business?

More and more startups and high traffic sites are evaluating Drupal as a development platform. I get A LOT of inquires from startups and existing large internet sites interested in switching to or using Drupal and most of theses people have the same questions and concerns that I had 3 years ago when we selected Drupal as the platform for NowPublic. This talk aims to provide an overview and discussion of the common questions and concerns that come up when evaluating Drupal as a platform for developing high traffic, scalable, business and the issues that these businesses face in using Drupal.

It is my hope that this presentation will help people at the conference who are evaluating Drupal or interested in it’s potential as a highly scaleable application framework, and that the Drupal community will gain insight into the concerns of businesses, the topics and concerns often covered in the evaluation process and in using Drupal for business, and that NowPublic and other businesses will get a chance to learn from the community and help themselves by participating and getting more involved.

Furthermore, I hope that this will form the foundation for a set of resources and documents that we can build out over time to facilitate the evaluation process so that individuals or business evaluating Drupal have a solid starting point from which to address their concerns, and so that we encourage more companies to use Drupal!

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Rich Internet Applications with Flex

Despite what the media will have you believe, rich Internet applications
(RIAs) and AJAX are not new. With Web businesses like Google and Yahoo! and brick and mortar companies like Harley Davidson and Sherwin Williams embracing RIAs for their online presence, the media buzz is giving way to the reality of a better Internet. Rich Internet applications are everywhere.

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Showcase: From Flash To Drupal

I'd like to show a site I built for a music equipment company, in which they were looking to create an unusual site design, and integrate it with a community and community features.

The goal was to imitate a highly designed Flash site that shows a matrix of cards, each with small amount of info. The matrix can be scrolled horizontally, and operations can be made on each card. The specification is not finished by the public view of the site, since data entry has to be well designed as well. The original flash site is (hope it is ok to put the link here).

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