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Drupalcon 2008 - Drupal college

In this session I will propose Drupal college: a traineeship program that lets wanabe drupal developers work for an established company but from Hungary (e.g. a company from the US has 2 trainees that learn Drupal while working on real projects in Szeged).

The company can train students at reduced and gets the fruits of their work. The student gets a traineeship in a creative collaborative environment and learns Drupal. Students will also get to know Hungarian developers they can later work with when they go back to their home country.

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Welcome to DrupalCon Barcelona 2007!

Welcome message from the Drupalcon Barcelona 2007 organizers.

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Drupalcon registration

Please, come early to register to the conference.

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Affiliated sites: a cross-domain approach

Using the example of the soon-to-be-relaunched Skirt! magazine web sites, we'll dive into the creation of an affiliated network of sites using some key Drupal features.

First, the business rules of Skirt! for background. Skirt! franchises are licensed to major U.S. newspaper companies. The web site rules are:

* One national site with selected content from all affiliates.
* Affiliates with local content and selected national content.
* Local editors can only edit their local content.

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Drupal vs Facebook

Those are 2 different worlds but it could be interesting, following the success (in terms of number of users, number of applications, widgets dissemination, ease of use...) to analyze what can be learned for Drupal from the Facebook implementation, design, strategy...

This is more an open discussion than a presentation. I would like to partner with someone more technical than myself (we run 4 Drupal sites but I do not code) to share insights, prepare together and participate to the debate with everybody.

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Image handling in core... for real this time.

It's one of those often discussed, but never completed things. Everyone knows Drupal core could do a better job with images... so why doesn't it?

Well, it's time for things to change. If you've ever thought Drupal should do a better job out of the box manipulating images and making it easier for users to upload images and embed them in their content... and you're willing to help do something about it. This session is for you.

We're gonna come up with a plan, and we're gonna make it happen.

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OpenID: it's in core... now what?

OpenID is a way for individuals to create identity online and use it anywhere OpenID is supported. As a protocol, it's gaining rapid adoption across the internet, and has the support and backing of some major companies and organization. For Drupal, it offers a secure, non-Drupal specific alternative for distributed authentication. Drupal 6 will include support in core... so now what?

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Drupal in the US Government: use-cases at NASA for events and community building

This is a non-technical discussion of the challenges and opportunities in getting agencies of the US government to adopt Drupal, as well as presentation as a case study of the needs we had at NASA for software to help organize our conferences and to build an online community. We'll do a demo of the resulting new NASACoLab.org site developed by Chapter3, which will also be a new install profile (http://groups.drupal.org/conference-organizing-distribution).

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State of e-Commerce

e-Commerce module has undergone a transformation under the lead of Gordon Heydon. Some of the topics that will be covered are:

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Site review: New York Observer

Moshe Weitzman and Barry Jaspan will present and dissect the New York Observer's Drupal-based web site which they jointly implemented.

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