The ESN Galaxy: A Drupal-powered European-wide network

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a volunteer organization with 250 local branches in 33 European countries. Every branch had its own, often bad and unmaintained, website and a deep reorganization was needed. We will describe how we achieved this, and much more, by using Drupal.

We chose Drupal for a common website template since it was easy to customize (we added a ESN theme and preconfigured some modules), to administer (volunteers are not skilled webmasters) and extend (so that every branch would be able to activate the modules they needed). We then moved on to building a full distribution profile: we will describe advantages and difficulties of this move, which eventually led to our aim of making our website template easy for anyone to install and administer.

A great benefit we got from choosing Drupal was the possibility to visually aggregate data into one website, called the ESN Galaxy: thanks to Drupal's built-in RSS feeds, we can now automatically track the activity of local branches, gather it from the individual websites and display it on a summary page with maps.

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Rich Internet Applications with Flex

Despite what the media will have you believe, rich Internet applications
(RIAs) and AJAX are not new. With Web businesses like Google and Yahoo! and brick and mortar companies like Harley Davidson and Sherwin Williams embracing RIAs for their online presence, the media buzz is giving way to the reality of a better Internet. Rich Internet applications are everywhere.

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Industrial grade deployment on SAMP

This session examines the emerging trend to deploy Drupal on SAMP (Solaris - Apache - MySQL - PHP)

Take advantage of the security, reliability, and performance advantages of OpenSolaris.

Learn how to use:

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How to Contribute to Drupal

This topic will be all about how to contribute to the Drupal community, in a number of different areas. While there'll be information for the hackers, even if you have only ever installed Drupal, you can help the project you know and love become even better.

Topics covered will include:
- Participation? Feh. What's in it for me?
- Community philosophy: Whys and Hows, Dos and Donts.
- Documentation: Helping other people not bash their heads against the same stuff you have.
- Helping with user support: Or, how to have a never-ending supply of clients.

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