Discussion on new forms of business from social enterprise, NFPO's to companies that donate to charity such at www.traidmark.org

Group discussion about the future of trade embracing the open source community's aspirations and ethics.

Should trade donate 100% net profit to charity and Not For Profit Organisations for everyones gain?

How can charity spending be made more efficient?

All opinions and comments are welcome in this open ended group discussion.

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Scaling the Drupal.org infrastructure

Drupal.org has been scaling steadily from 6 million to 18 million users per month. Then we hit a wall. This session will explain what happened, and how the Drupal association, the Drupal infrastructure team, and OSUOSL worked together to buy, build, and borrow our way to grow our way to 30 million page views by August 2008.

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Training is working & doing

A lot of Drupal-community-members helped me last months.
Thanks all!
Can I help the community?
As I am convinced that Open Source is a good direction the world could benefit from, I organize a training/meeting on the Dutch/Belgian border. Students from several schools will be able to learn and train.The concept text to attrack students from schools in Belgium, Holland and Germany reads:
"Learn Open Source 2008
May 24&25th, between Antwerpen & Rotterdam
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I18N information architecture: how to organize global websites

Let’s say you are localizing your Drupal install. How can you create an alphabetical ordered list in Chinese, which doesn't have alphabetical ordering? Your taxonomy might have problems: “Public schools” means almost the opposite in the US versus the UK – now what? How do you handle sites with 2, 4 or 50 languages or locales? What to do if an article hasn't been translated?

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Creating a Drupal Specific QA Team

Open source code traditionally finds quality through the initial code review process prior to to a commit, and also the "release often" policy of getting lots of hands on the code early.

But sometimes it can be beneficial to do some more structured QA (quality assurance work) even if it's done in a nontraditional manner.

I hope that through this session wo can talk about some current and possibile initiatives to improve the quality of Drupal's code. The metric that I use to define "quality code" in this area is the number of unknown critical bugs that are shipped with a product.

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Drupal in the US Government: use-cases at NASA for events and community building

This is a non-technical discussion of the challenges and opportunities in getting agencies of the US government to adopt Drupal, as well as presentation as a case study of the needs we had at NASA for software to help organize our conferences and to build an online community. We'll do a demo of the resulting new NASACoLab.org site developed by Chapter3, which will also be a new install profile (http://groups.drupal.org/conference-organizing-distribution).

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Drupal Association panel

This session will start with a short update on what the Drupal Association has been doing during the last year, and an overview of planned activities and action points in the months to come.

Next, a panel of Association Board Members and Permanent Members will answer your questions. There will be plenty of time to discuss the Association's work and to bring up ideas and suggestions for improving the Drupal Asssociation. This will be the time to let us know what you care about most!

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Drupal Podcast Live!

Always a fun wrap up to the DrupalCon, Jeff Robbins and a panel of Drupal crazies lead a discussion about the conference, take questions from the audience, and attempt to come up with some respectable answers.

Past live podcasts:
Brussels 2006
Yahoo 2007

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The state of Drupal

Exact topics to be defined. Please take part in our State of Drupal survey to help fuel this presentation. Thanks!

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