Leave your suggestions on the Drupalcon

We would like to have your suggestions on the Drupalcon. What are you missing? What could be improved? What shouldn't be happening?

We'll try to fix problems and implement improvements. Your suggestions will allow us also to have an even better ( ?!) Drupalcon next time. Please, be constructive and positive and you will sleep much better tonight :-)

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Power for our laptop

It seems that the "laptop" rooms doesn't have enough power cable for charging the laptop batteries. I think it would be nice to have some more.
But I'd like to tell you that I was really impressed by the well done organization. Congratulations!

Thanks. We bought some more

Thanks. We bought some more this morning. :-)

signs & coffee

A few big signs with the schedule of the day would be very handy. Oh, and coffee that is actually drinkable. For the rest: this conf rocks, and can only rock harder each day!

ditto on signage

Posting the PDF schedule at each room would be a big help. Otherwise, really enjoying the venue.

There is a printed schedule

There is a printed schedule for each room next to its entrance door. I hope that's enough as having a pdf on the screen (is that what you meant?) would be a little more tricky.

You have a printed schedule

You have a printed schedule on the table at the hall of the venue. Also, coffee is better than American coffee, I bet you. ;-)

Get some good video of Dries and other leaders

I'm here in USA, unable to attend :(.

It would be great if some folks in Barcelona got some full frontal close-up one-two minute videos of Dries and other Drupal leaders introducing or talking about Drupal. I think these vids could do a lot to make d.o. more welcoming and for newcomers to d.o. to really feel the warmth of the community.

I know a lot of sessions will be videoed which is great. But I'm talking about the need for something different.

Enjoy y'all,

Shai Gluskin

More planned/hands-on-work activities

Hi, I miss more planned common activities. Being so many drupalers together in the same place for few days it seems obvious to me to organize some events in the line of working together towards a common goal. I can think of few things right now:

  • Bug fixing lottery. You fix a bug during the drupalcon, you get a ticket for a lottery (dinner with dries or whatever other "price" that may seem attractive... even books, HW, SW, hosting, etc.).
  • Web site or project competitions. Few teams "competing" for a common goal, using drupal. The goal could be to build a defined project for a charity organization (in the line of full code press), or a new module, or whatever we can think of. Even bugfixing competitions.
  • More practical sessions: working with drupal in advance techniques (or easy ones for newcomers). Trips and tricks from the gurus. Profile making sessions.
  • Workshops, workshops, workshops.
  • Too many sessions, and too short. For a session to be a bit detailed about anything it would be necessary a bit more of time.

Any kind of more involved workshop would produce more feedback from the participants, therefore more benefit for the drupal community (knowledge shared, people working together face to face...).
Being so many of us here some things will eventually happen, but under the leadership of the organization it would be far more productive.
After all, the main common link between all of us is drupal. So lets make the most of it now that we are together.

You can organitze it!

You have a good ideas, but the staff don't have more time for all. Drupal.cat is little

The ideas are wolcome for future DrupalCon but you can organitze this actions in BOF area, no?

Tnks for you sincerity!

··:· www.linuxbcn.cat

I second this!

No doubt: This conference is thoroughly enjoyable, it being well organized at a shining venue with lots of friendly people and guides all over.

Nevertheless: I have the impression that this conference really marks a turning point in Drupal events. As good as a full schedule of presentations is, there are far too many of them. To solve this problem, I think the next DrupalCon needs to more clearly address the different audiences:

  • status presentations
  • vision and brainstorming sessions
  • marketing and evaluators sessions
  • some cross-ferilization with other domains or systems. I just loved the presentation by Peter van Dijck
  • poster sessions where people can present and discuss individual solutions face to face
  • maybe a little fair with Drupal companies,

and last but most important (for me, anyways):

  • hands-on coding and issue solving sessions or even whole -agile- iterations from story via tests to code in small, maybe competing teams

Still: This DrupalCon is such a great event!

Olav Schettler

VPN Connection

Only a minor one, not being able to connect to VPN servers

www.attiks.com - graphic design and web applications

I thought this was actually

I thought this was actually solved. Still a problem?

We are starting for first time these excellent instalations ...

We are starting for first time these excellent instalations. For attempting to cover all needs some things (apparently simple) have not been able to be carried out.

We know all that it is not simple to make a net of more than one pc ;·D work
·:· www.linuxbcn.cat

Better Internet connection to presenters

If it is at all feasible, having a cabled Internet connection that has priority of some sort to presenters could help a lot.

I planned to show some Internet based demo on my presentation (in CivicActions room) but couldn't due to 50%(!!) packet loss. I also saw the same problem that merlinofchaos had in the Panels2 session, and probably others too.

Alternatively, we can require presenters to come with their own laptop and their own local environment to show whatever they want to show.

Other than that I am very impressed with what you pulled through with the reasonable fee of this convention - the location, the refreshments, the technicalieties.. amazingly organized! Thanks!

I'm aware of the punctual

I'm aware of the punctual problems with the wifi connection. We have been working on fixing this and I know we have had less problems today. Please let me know if this problems persists.

A dedicated wifi-channel for the presenters ?

Maybe 1 wifi-channel can be reserved for the presenters, during their presentations (with a different ssid, so everybody knows they should stay away)

New wifi for speakers.

The channels are set dynamically so cannot change them. However, we have set a new wifi for presenters of the first floor rooms only. It is called 'only_speakers' :-)

no backup plan?

Actually, it was clearly announced that wifi would be offered on a best effort basis. As a presenter you should always have a local copy of the stuff you're about to demo as plan B. To kick ass, you should even have a plan C in the form of slides and a silly circus act with smoking monkeys in a tutu to entertain your audience.

Thanks and congratulations

The organizers should be commended on their great work. The conference has been very well run! When we have another Drupal conference in the Americas, I hope some of the folks from Spain will organize presentations in Spanish for the Spanish language communities in the U.S. It's the majority language in the western hemisphere and a rising language in the U.S., and Drupal would be a very good tool for youth organizing, workers and immigration rights campaigns there.

I hope there is some mechanism for providing feedback to the presenters of the sessions. Perhaps we could just leave comments on the session's descriptions here on this site?

The programmer/site developer/evaluator/end user distinctions have been helpful, but I would also have liked to know the format of the sessions. I have attended sessions where new modules and techniques are presented and we've been invited to give feedback on the modules. Others have been very much about demonstrating how to use a module or API. A few have been almost like TV talk shows, where the audience was watching a panel of people share opinions and experiences and there was very little interaction with the audience. Unfortunately, I can't really offer specific ideas of how to capture and share this kind of information. I'm still in the thick of experiencing the conference. Perhaps the quality of the descriptions for sessions is inconsistent, and we should probably have urged people to provide better descriptions before the conference started.

You are right. It's not easy

You are right. It's not easy to collect all that information on a session. We definitely need better descriptions for sessions.

Tnks for your suggestions

We could speak about going to USA to help you ;·D
··:· www.linuxbcn.cat

Drupal community profile

It would be interesting to gather some interesting stats about how is the Dnpal community using an anonymous survey. I am interested to know beyond the famous 7% (tech skills, gender, nationality, contributions, laptop brand, OS used images, job type...)'
Good venue!

Access to presentations on drupalcon.org

I have been to a lot of great presentations at this Drupalcon - it would be great to have access to the different presentations at a central place on this site. Thanks to all the presenters and organizers for making this a great conference.

Access to add a file to a session

I added rights to upload a file to a session, so presenters can now attach their presentations to their sessions.

All in all, I am very happy.

All in all, I am very happy. Barcelona is a great location for DrupalCon and I think our guests from overseas has had a great chance to get a good look at one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

I have a couple of suggestions for the next conventions:

Allow people to stay in the convention center longer, as late as 19 - 20, to allow workshops and people to mingle. As it is now, there's barely any chance to do anything outside the schedule, which is packed with interesting talks and presentations. In essence, allow people to be impulsive without missing the scheduled events.

With more people staying in the center longer, it will be easier to go hang out with your Drupal buddies and get a beer or food afterwards. As it is now, everyone disperses, goes to his/her hotel and the likelihood of meeting another Drupaler is slim unless you made an appointment to meet up.

To conclude: more socializing, more networking and more impulsiveness!

More seminar-like events like the discussion about nodes. Possibly allow people to submit PMs on the topic in advance and let them present them and then have a discussion. Arrange the chairs in a circle will allow people to look at the person who is talking. Have more mikes so that there can be discussions between two or more people.

Post signs showing the way from tram/subway/bus. As it was now, we were many people who didn't know the way nor the name of the building and couldn't locate it on the map posted outside the subway station. Thanks to a Spanish-speaking person were we able to make it here.

Make lists and maps of lunch restaurants in the vicinity of the conference. If possible, arrange a discount for conference attendees. Sandwiches are portable and nice but I think a lot of people would like something else for lunch one day for a change.

Arrange deals with local hotels and make an even more comprehensive list of accomodation options so that Drupalers can stay together and go out together. Let people display where they live and post maps so that we can find each other and meet up in the evenings for dinner.

Dedicate one afternoon for either seminars or guided sight-seeing in groups, allowing attendees to choose which to attend.

is that only a couple of

is that only a couple of suggestions?

I appreciate your suggestions, really.

Okay, quite a few then.

Okay, quite a few then. :)

My list is all minor things since it's been really great so far and I love your city. It's first time I've actually visited it and didn't just pass through. Thank you for your efforts making this the best DrupalCon to date and for raising the bar for the next DrupalCon!

Publish the transcripsts and materials of the sessions

It would be great for those who were not able to attend the sessions to have the materials transcripted and available in an open format (odf, pdf, ogg) at some drupal.org site, also for future reference and improvement for the next drupalcons and other drupal conferences/meetups that occur around the world.

Microphones would have raised comfort 200%

Why did nobody outside the picktek room use microphones? It would have raised the understandability a lot, I often had a hard time following the lectures (worse not being a native English speaker).

We were said that we

We were said that we wouldn't need them in the first floor rooms. That's why. And we haven't had any observation on that direction. :-(

After hours coding

I was really looking forward to get together at coding parties after the sessions. 6-9pm for example would have been a great time to do that, at the conference center. I'm sure these group coding sessions can generate tremendous new code, much like when good musicians jam together and come up with new tunes. So it's too bad that the center had to close down at 5 :-(

I absolutely agree. They

I absolutely agree. They needed that time to do the cleaning....