Where are you going to night?

Are you going to have a beer somewhere? Watch a football match? ...... ?

Leave you comments here and meet other drupalers in Barcelona.

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I might go to

I might go to sleep....sometime.

Me too!

Me too!

Amy Rickard & Christina Szrama's Grand Ideas...

--10 am-- Sagrada Familia Tour, aided by Rick Stevens. It's 8 euros, or 9 if you get the combo with the Gaudi Museum, which I think we should.
-- after tour, walking up & down Av. Gaudi
-- lunch timish-- BYOF picnic in Parc de Guiell (not hard to get there by Metro from Sagrada F.) **Kids are welcome!!**-- actually, they always are; they just might like this...
-- Museo Gaudi-- while in the Parc

-- Las Ramblas for breakfast (La Boqueria or Pinotxo Bar) and strolling
-- 2:00 -Museo Picasso, 6 euros
-- 4:30 pm-- Japanese Drummers --Av. de la Catedral
-- 6:30 pm-- Sardones Dancers, same place
-- out to dinner (near Placa d'Espana?)
-- 9:00- last show of Magic Fountain (near Placa d'Espagna) ** Kids might like it**

no definite plans as of yet... there's lots of Festival de Merche stuff goin' on all day, though.

Tapas Tonight! Or anything, really

I'm looking for people to join me for a tapas excursion tonight (suggestions welcome) or other awesome dining experience, probably around 7 or so. Email me at phil@echoditto.com if you're interested.

Watch Barça - Lyon

I would go to a sports bar to see Barcelona - Lyon in the Champions League group play, but I have work to do. Yes. I'm in Barcelona, and I have work to do :-/

I recommend going to sports bars for those who are interested in football (aka soccer). There are some on Las Ramblas, and probably some around the big plazas. The smaller ones in the side streets usually have less tourists and better atmosphere.

Waste cycles on making a silly video perhaps...

Welcome to DrupalCon 2007!


Rugby world cup

I have to find a bar to watch the "France - Ireland" rugby world cup match... on friday, at 21:00.

Sports Bar

In Las Ramblas. They have 14 TVs, with Sky, Canal+, everything.. if it's on any channels here, they can show it, just talk to the manager ;)

Thanks a lot for this info

Thanks a lot for this info :)

MotoGP on Sunday?

If I can find a pub, or something, showing the race, I'll be watching the MotoGP this weekend. It's the Japanese round, so it's likely to be on at a silly time of night, so that might be tricky. Anyone interested in doing same, feel free to send me some feedback. Cheers!

I´m interested...

Depending on the time. But I´d love to watch it.

Women and Drupal Continues - canceled

Sorry...couldn't get organized in time.
Not sure where we'll go, but women (and men) are welcome to meet up after the last session. Doesn't seem like there is much available around here, but we could take L5 metro into town and find a place. On Gracia perhaps (that's the Diaganol stop)?

Let me know if you have a good suggestion for a meeting place. About 12 of us met during lunch and we would like to continue the conversation about raising the visibility of women in the drupal community and answer questions etc.

place real 21:30

Drupals are hooking up at the place real tonight :)

//king of denmark ...

Fireworks on the beach

This friday starts the "Festival of Barcelona" that takes place every year around the 24th of September. One of the 600 events that is going to take place in the city is the fireworks show.
It will take place from friday 21st to sunday 23rd on the "Barceloneta" beach every night at 22:00.

Here is a map showing the place:

Hope you like it!

For a complete list of all the events follow this link:

fri night - Sagrada Familia

I think I´ll head to the Sagrada Familia after the conference today.

I love the feedback you had

I love the feedback you had here, it's enough to mention the word "beer" associated with "football match" and you get a lot of fans for that. It almost makes me think that these two items are part of men's nature. Actually I prefer live football matches.
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