Drupalcon 2008 - Drupal college

In this session I will propose Drupal college: a traineeship program that lets wanabe drupal developers work for an established company but from Hungary (e.g. a company from the US has 2 trainees that learn Drupal while working on real projects in Szeged).

The company can train students at reduced and gets the fruits of their work. The student gets a traineeship in a creative collaborative environment and learns Drupal. Students will also get to know Hungarian developers they can later work with when they go back to their home country.

Drupal college would start with a 4 day training that takes place just before Drupalcon 2008 that I will organise in Szeged Hungary (if approved by the association)

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Barcelona group

So how much are tickets for a group - a family of 4 let's say, going to cost?