Pre-DrupalCon Social

There will be a less well-behaved get together on Tuesday for anyone who does not want to go to the families event.

It's at Muebles Ciudad from 18:30 onwards, but feel free to join the party at any time of the evening.

Address: Carrer Ciutat 5, 08002 BCN - near(ish) La Rambla (map)

If you can't find us, try calling me. In theory my mobile number will be 686698720. The sim is being delivered to my hotel.

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Added to DrupalCon map.

I have added this event to my DrupalCon Barcelona 2007 map.


I'm a newbie and won't recognize any of the group. Will you have a Drupal flag or some other way of being recognized? I can imagine there will be lots of people around and I'm quite shy...



Who did you order the Sim

Who did you order the Sim through? I'll be looking to pick a Sim up when I arrive. You

You can probably get better value in a shop. Amena/Orange seems to be the best value.

We're in

Larry Garfield and Wim Leers are up for being less-well-behaved. :-) Count us in.

I might join in

I might join in, depending on what I'm doing that evening :)

I'll try to be there too

It will depend on the arrival time of the people who share the apartment with me, so I don't know at what time I can come.

I will be there too

Looking forward to meeting everyone. Am definitely up for a couple of beers.


Victor Kane