FC barcelona - Lyon Wednesday night !

hmm i cant be the only footy madder that dont wont to miss this oppertunity:
FC Barcelona - Olymique Lyonnais

Maybe some of the yanks wanna se how a football stadium looks without that becks wanker on the field ;)
I have no idea about tickets but afaik FC Barcelona - Olymique Lyonnais is from about 50€ +
Anyone interested in going to the game?

maybe some local drupals wanna show us the ground etc?

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Is this Champions League?

I'd LOVE to go, but my wallet tells me no. If this is a Champions League match, it's probably just about sold out by now, and the tickets are probably more expensive than that. Those down to 50€ are also so far up on the stadium you need binoculars. But it's absolutely possible to buy tickets outside the stadium on the day of the match, if you really want to go! You can even find the best tickets that way.

And yeah, I'm just glad Becks left to another continent, and I feel sorry for those of you who have to live with his hype. Experiencing a Champions League match and Camp Nou is an experience for a lifetime! Even if you don't like football (aka soccer).

As the valencianista I am, I'll also watch Valencia's away match with a friend in a bar in Barcelona on 22nd or 23rd, anybody interested is welcome to join us :)


As a Yank, I'd have a hard time passing up this challenge. I'm not sure I'll have a working cell phone, so try me by email (andrew DOT hoppin AT gmail DOT com) or on AOL IM (globetransform) on Wednesday to meet up and figure out if we can get tickets?


Never been to a football game yet... sounds great!

Phone: 646-274-787 (in Barcelona)
AIM: AaronPava

brilliant idea but it will

brilliant idea but it will be very hard to get tickets for this. Even league games are always sold out. What about watching the game in a bar if the stadium has no more seats for us?

bar vs estadio

Another comment said we could likely get tickets (from scalpers?) outside the stadium... any way to verify this? Regardless, I'm up for the bar option if it's an authentic local soccer bar and not just any old tourist bar. :) More Euros for cerveza if we go the bar route...

I'm interested!!

Hello guys,
I'm interested in going to see the match!! Let me know how to get in touch with teh ones going and how I can get a ticket.
aryam8g AT gmail DOT com

You can always get tickets

You can always get tickets from 'Socios' (= people who pay for good seats every year). But since they know this is an important match, they are likely to ask 70 euros or more to take their seat. I vote going to a bar too :-)

Definitely interested

This is a hot game - both Barcelona and Lyon play very attractive football. If we can get tickets this is a must for every football fan and if you are new to footy, this is probably a great game to get hooked to the game.

I went to the FC Barcelona store in town and they said tickets are on sale at the stadium in the morning and afternoon.

Cell: +41 76 465 9806 (text me)

Game Update

I'm planning on going. I've done some research (asking a number of locals) and the following seems to be the concensus -

- It will be a good game - it is the first stage of the Champions cup.
- afaik it will *not* sell out - although it is an important game the stadium seats like 100K people.
- You can buy tickets at the event - they range from 124E to 50E
- information can be found at http://www.fcbarcelona.com the official website
- I'm planning on buying tickets at a kiosk run by (I think) La Caixa - the bank - i'll report back later.

According to this website (http://www.theoffside.com/world-football/club-world-rankings.html) in 2006 Barcelona was the 2nd ranked team in the world and O. Lyon who they will play is ranked 9th - this should be a super game.

Hey drob, How can I contact

Hey drob,
How can I contact you? Could we meet? I really want to go to this match so i wanna give it a try before ending up at the bar...

Is anyone going

Is anyone getting tickets for this game? If not does anyone know of a good bar in town to watch it

the game or the bar

Buying tickets might have proven cheaper than going to that bar - at least that's what my wife told me :)