BCN Aerobus - Times, Fares.

Took me bloody ages to find this, hope it helps someone else. Bottom line is, there's buses from the airport pretty much all the time, longest wait is 15 mins (that's me!).

I think there are two "relevant" stops, Gracia and Catalunya - (the first is nearer our apt), the second is right on the Ramblas.

The cost is 3.90€ one way, buy it on the bus (6.70€ return). If you get in before 9pm you can buy a "barcelona card" at the information centre, from 2 - 5 days. 5 days works out ok. Free (public) transport anywhere anytime.

Hope that's useful :)


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Barcelona Card and T10

I've been reading a bit about Barcelona's public transportation. A few things I might share here.

Barcelona Card You can get it at the tourist office, Airport any many other places. Prices are pretty hefty for transportation use only.

  • 2 days - 24 Euros
  • 3 days - 29 Euros
  • 4 days - 33 Euros
  • 5 days - 36 Euros

If you have a few days after the drupalcon and use it's cultural features it might be worth it.

T10 I think this is like the "carnet" in Paris. You buy 10 Fares at once and get them at a discounted price (6,90 Euros). A single fare would be 1,25. The T10 is valid for one zone. Donwtown, the airport and Citilab are all in zone 1.

Trains from the airport I think there are also trains from the airport going downtown. The don't come as frequently as the Aerobus but are cheaper (use the T10 or buy a ticket for 1,20).

I hope all this collected information is right. If not please let me know and I will update this post accordingly.

By the way. There is a nice feature in google maps. If you cklick on the red "M"s on the map it shows you the Line and departuretimes of that line.

Your "Mondpreise" aren't

Your "Mondpreise" aren't quite right, if you stay in zone 1:

2 days € 9,60

5 days € 20.80

If you only go to DrupalCon and back the 10T is probably the best card.