Presentation room equipment for presenters

Hey Robert (or anyone else who knows),

I know there was a similar thread regarding the equipment available in the rooms at the venue, but it wasn't very specific. I'm curious what I should bring as a session presenter. From the pictures it looks like the rooms may all be equipped with computers and projectors for the guy behind the mic. I'm curious if that's the case and if they will have an internet connection. Also, I was planning on creating session information in, but I can always save it in a different format if that is not supported.

Do you have any hard information here? I actually don't own a laptop and am having a little bit of trouble getting one and having it setup before my flight leaves next Monday. : P

Thanks much!

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No problem!

one or more laptops will be at the disposal of the lecturers. I will attempt to put GNU/Linux, but if does not have times sell with Windows... ;·(
You can dounload Oo and install it.


Out of curiosity... maybe

Out of curiosity... maybe it's a stupid question, but I've never done it so I don't know. ; ) If I save documents to a flash drive from Windows will they be accessible on a Linux machine? I suppose I can always just host them on our website... probably smarter anyways.

Yes ...

Linux can read FAT-formatted flash drives just fine.


I'll be presenting with a colleague of mine. We'reprobably OK for laptops, but we'll definitely need an internet connection and a projector. Can someone confirm that these will both be available?
Look forward to meeting you all next week!

Having worked for this

Having worked for this Drupalcon for one year now, this question is almost an offense ;-)

Seriously now: we will have wifi in the whole venue (we will see how it copes with 400 geeks...), as well as projectors in all rooms. Main room even have two projectors, as well as video streaming, simultaneous translation.....

I think you will like it :-)

hehe No insult intended,

hehe No insult intended, just curious. The conference rooms look amazing... intimidating even, as I don't know I'm "professional" enough to stand at the front of one. I'm sure I'll ease into it! : P


I´m bringing my own laptop (MacBook G4) and just realized (in Madrid) that my American power converter is not grounded.

Will there be European (220V) to American (120V) conversion available? I especially need a grounded outlet to be able to plug the laptop in and use a projector. (Alternately, if someone has a European compatible cord for a MacBook G4, that would work as well.)

Since most of my presentation is live samples on my laptop, using another computer is not a good option.

Will there be European

Will there be European (220V) to American (120V) conversion available?

I don't think the Citilab will have this. I'm sure some other American will have it or the power cord for the Mac. In any case, I'm sure you will find a converser at the airport.

Plug Type

Any idea what type of outlets are in use? What I buy will depend on the power standard in Barcelona.

Schuko seems the obvious answer:

I got a power plug converter...

for my Macbook... it was a bit tough to find in BCN but I finally found it at Servei Estacio at 270 Arago. You can also borrow mine sometimes at Citilab if you need!

I picked one up from Best

I picked one up from Best Buy if you've got a chance to hit one up... probably overpriced, but I wouldn't know since I've never bought one before. If I'm around you can borrow it.

(It was fun playing Guitar Hero 2 on the Xbox 360 while messing around in the store, too. Maybe you should make a trip just for that. ; )

Nope, too late. There is no

Nope, too late. There is no Best Buy in Madrid.

Perhaps I can borrow yours on Wednesday? I have three presentations to give that day.