Getting around: public transport.

The best way to move around Barcelona is the public transport. You can buy a T10 public transport ticket for 10 journeys. It is valid for different zones. You need to buy it only for 1 zone. It is 6,90€. You can by them on Metro and Train stations (not on busses!). You can by them in some banks also.

Each journey allows you to take as many different public transports (metro, tram, bus and train) within a zone for 75 minutes. However, you need to get your ticket thru the machine every time you change of transport.

Of course you have taxis. Minimum charge of 3,50€ or so plus distance. From Barcelona center to the Citilab it might cost you some 15€. Taxis are more expensive during night time.

Public transport site:
Trains around Barcelona: transport info:,4022,173198596_173206177_3,0...
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From the last link: "The T10

From the last link:

"The T10 is valid on the RENFE train to the airport but not valid on the Aerobus (the express bus service to the airport)."

Looks like the airport is in the same zone as the city center, so a 1-zone T10 will do (