No wi-fi at Peninsular Hotel

I just spoke with Carina, who works at Hotel Peninsular and speaks excellent english. She had sent me this amusing line in an email:

There is one computer with internet in the hotel. Its for free.
There is also WLAN - but at the moment, this doesnt work - we don`t know why.

I warned her that a large number of internet technology specialists were about to invade their hotel; that we'd want wi-fi, and that if it didn't work, we'd fix it ourselves.

She said we'd have to speak with her boss, but "that would be great".

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lol Make sure to bill them

lol Make sure to bill them a few nights' rent for the job. ; )

Is this uebercart ryan?

Is this uebercart ryan? )

Funny, you all have to take turns with a public terminal. How far is the next hosptial away???? j/k
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

Ubercart Ryan - yep. See

Ubercart Ryan - yep. See you in Spain. ; )

Function, i sure!

In the peninsular hotel there is WiFi (two!) but I think that this girl is new. Ask for Mr. Alex for these questions.

Also there is a PC/Linux in reception with access to internet.