drupal booking system brainstorm

I want to do this session to see whether it's possible to have a booking system
api for drupal. My thoughts are that thru' the use of an api, contributed
modules could then be created that would provide 'objects' that can be booked,
eg; room booking, flight booking, hire car booking, etc
Also, to have the option of hooking into ecommerce if required (my requirements
are for a room booking system that only takes reservations, payments are done
thru' another system).
I think this is possible by reusing some of the existing core and contributed
modules, but I would like to get other developer's ideas on what else might be

(The idea to try and do this in drupal came about because every so often someone
posts on d.o requiring a room booking system and they invariably get directed to
the meeting room booking system on sf.net or to use a combination of events,
views, cck, and other modules. So it would be nice to get a proper solution in

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Sounds great

I wish I could be there. It sounds like a great idea. I've been battling with some of these issues with the station module's schedule. It's a single resource that has a re-occurring weekly usage. I'd love to be able to discuss it further.

You could always email me,

You could always email me, or we could set a group up, or failing that, we could discuss some more on the development list; if there's any ideas you want to add in to the 'melting pot' I can try and incorporate them into the session?

go 4 it!!! ~~ Drupal is

go 4 it!!!
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

?!It might be worth setting


It might be worth setting up a group if there's interest?
Especially if someone wants to discuss stuff but can't make it to the con

update: I've just submitted a request to create a group on groups.drupal.org. I'll post back if it's accepted, and I get a url!

Here's the group if anyone's interested?

I was starting a mrbs porting

I was starting a mrbs porting to drupal for my university department web site, my problem is the short period time left to me to complete the project. I'll try to create a basic "auto importing" feature, letting users manage booking with MRBS and then use Drupal to read MRBS data and create/edit nodes (for each meeting) to display-only booked rooms.. I think to use CCK-Date field with multiplicity and a custom edited Calendar Module that let me display someting like that.

Is there anyone that already have done something with MRBS porting to Drupal?

If its's a uni-based system,

If its's a uni-based system, have a look on sf.net for iCalendar Scheduler. It's a mrbs derivative, but with a university bias.

Can we use this url for some discussion?


Do you mean this:

Do you mean this: http://jical.sourceforge.net ?
I'd like to give it a try, but the imminent release date is a huge problem.. also introducing a new application can be a problem with teaching to department teachers and workers hot to use it and switch from MRBS...

I just register on http://groups.drupal.org/booking-systems, keep in touch for news and API dev!


Cheers fr joining! I've not

Cheers fr joining!

I've not looked at jical; I was thinking of this:

I hacked an older version to sit inside phpbb, and I was thinking about updating it to sit inside drupal, but obviously started thinking along the lines of a booking system api for drupal,
a "quick fix" could well be making a drupal version (it's GPL so it should be okay to hack together a new version that utilises drupal)?
(I altered the workflow of the one I did for phpBB)

I look at iCalScheduler,

I look at iCalScheduler, it's GUI seems really cool! :)
I didn't test it yet..

The booking system API is a really nice idea, but I think that it must co-operate with DateAPI and (not yet avaiable, but in work) DateRepeat API... I'll stay tuned for futher plans!

ps: I'm really sorry that I couldn't be in Barcelona to talk about this project :(

no problems, that's why I

no problems, that's why I set up the group. At least anyone can join in then, and if the session is a success I should be able to post any ideas, suggestions, work, whatever!