Anyone want to meet for a drink on the Tuesday?

I'll be at the Muebles Ciudad from 18:30 onwards on the Tuesday.

Carrer Ciutat 5
08002 BCN

In theory my mobile number will be 686698720. The sim is being delivered to my hotel.

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if you pay :) j/k You want

if you pay :) j/k You want all to go to the 1st day of the Drupalcon drunk or with a bad hangover :)
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

FOSDEM always has a get to

FOSDEM always has a get to know you the day before:

Already been mentioned

...over on the 'Travelling with non-geek...' thread. Myself an my partner wouldn't mind popping along for a beer and swap a hello or two , would prefer a bar to an apartment admittedly, although I can appreciate that might be more comfortable for people already familiar with one other, in person or via their online endevours, but we're newbies and don't know anyone, so an apartment sounds a wee bit intimidating?

Anyway, that venue looks nice, as does the Hotel bar mentioned in the other thread. But we're Scottish - we'll drink anywhere ;-)


Meet Up at the NH Hotel Cornella Bar???

It is a 1 min walk away from the Drupalcenter and then ppl still can easily head off via public transport ...

Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

You mean near the citilab?

You mean near the citilab? I'd prefer to be somewhere more central. There's no need to go to the outskirts the night before. I think most people are staying in the center.

I'm up for that

I won't get in until about 2130, and I'll probably be ready for a drink by then.

I don't mind where we meet,

I don't mind where we meet, as long as it is central. Muebles Ciudad and the Hotel Bar on Cat Square both look good. What does everyone else think?

I think it is important that once we agree on somewhere, we stay there, i.e. not wonder off to another watering hole. People will be turning up at different times.

Once I get me Spanish sim, I'll post my mobile number here.

Food and beer

Hi Jonathan,

I guess the conference organisers are too busy organising the conference. Just pick some place downtown with food and beer, announce it, and people will show up. I will, and I will try to bring some more people staying at my hostel.

Muebles Ciudad

... looks nice, has drink and food, is central. Gets my vote.

Other folks are going to the kiddie thing in an apartment earlier, some folks may want to try that first, link here, not our cup of tea to be honest, but this arrangement sounds good.

Okay - Muebles Ciudad it is.

Okay - Muebles Ciudad it is. I'll be there from 18:30 onwards.

I wonder if we can get an announcement on the front page?


...that would help. Maybe ask Moshe how he got his announced? I guess we just ask?

No problem. Would you write

No problem. Would you write the announcement? I'll promote it to front. Use a new forum topic.

Great! http://barcelona2007.d


Feel free to edit it.

I'll try and make it

I'll try and make it too
Looking forward to the event!