Semantic Search - Semantic Web and Drupal

Covers the last year of work on integrating Drupal with RDF stores. DrupalCon will conincide with the launch of the full beta of the Semantic Search module. Programmers who may be interested in the session:

  • Already familar with RDF stores for ways to access RDF stores with Drupal
  • Curious aout what RDF stores have to offer
  • For a roadmap of future development
  • For an alternative to Views, CCK and Standard Search

The presentation will be divided into two parts - the first covering the installation, built in features, and new features including major speed improvements making it feasible for larger sites. The second half will be Q&A focusing on topics that may interest attendees. At DrupalCon 2006 semantic search was presented as "NINA", and was at a proof of concept stage. For more information visit the Drupal Project page at Further news and updates at

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