Drupal for Facebook

[UPDATE: I've attached the slides from my presentation. Also, code is checked into http://drupal.org/project/fb.]

There's a lot of buzz about Facebook Applications these days. Scan drupal.org, groups.drupal.org, even facebook.com and you'll find a lot of interest in how Drupal works with Facebook. But you'll find mostly questions, not clear answers, about what Drupal means to Facebook and vice versa. This is in part because the Facebook API is so new, and in part because there is no prevailing vision of what Drupal <--> Facebook integration really means.

In this session, I'll share my vision of how Drupal and Facebook can work together. Here's a hint: Drupal can and will be the premiere environment for developing Facebook apps. I'll also give a live demonstration, showing a Drupal application become a Facebook App. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy this can be.

I've written several modules to help Facebook App developers. Between now and the conference, I will check them into Drupal.org. In this session, I will officially unveil a new install profile, tentatively called Drupal for Facebook, and my demo will show how to use it. This is a call to arms for everyone in the Facebook/Drupal community. Let's create the world's most robust and feature-rich Facebook development platform: Drupal.

To the organizers:

It's not clear how long these sessions are supposed to be. I could probably fill an hour with this talk, but will work with whatever time is available. I'll need a live internet connection. Here's a brief outline of the talk.

  • What is a Facebook App?
  • Live Demonstration: Create a Facebook App using Drupal 5.2.
  • Introduce Drupal for Facebook.
  • Roadmap for future development.
  • Q & A.
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I am aware of two other presenters speaking about Facebook at the conference. I'm trying to get in touch with them.

Sorry for proposing this session so last-minute. I was only just able to confirm that I could in fact attend the conference.

I encourage anyone interested in creating facebook apps to attend this session. It will be a good one!

Live demo available

It's easier to understand with a demo. Create yourself a facebook account and head on over to


i used this framework - very promising

dave has kindly let me preview this framework and i am very impressed. don't miss this session if you care about facebook and drupal.

Code now available

At the time of the talk, I didn´t have the code up on drupal.org. Sorry about that.

I´m still coordinating with other developers regarding its final project name and CVS directory. Until then, it´s in my sandbox:


Thanks to everyone who showed up at the session!

View this presentation: