I18N information architecture: how to organize global websites

Let’s say you are localizing your Drupal install. How can you create an alphabetical ordered list in Chinese, which doesn't have alphabetical ordering? Your taxonomy might have problems: “Public schools” means almost the opposite in the US versus the UK – now what? How do you handle sites with 2, 4 or 50 languages or locales? What to do if an article hasn't been translated?

This talk looks at localization from an information architecture angle - I hope it can be useful for Drupal developers now that i18n is becoming more and more important in Drupal. It'll discuss the many ways to structure global websites, and which approaches make most sense when.

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50 languages, are you trying

50 languages, are you trying to rival the tower of Babel ???? :)
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)