Viewing Fc Barcelona Games

If there are any games during DrupalCon, would anybody be interested in going there as a group and if there is none at home would about "public viewing" in a hotel of ours or even a Sports Bar?


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To stadium or bar, yes.

Barcelona matches

Osasuna - FC Barcelona at the 16. and a home game at the 23rd vs sevillia

the away game the 16 we could find a bar somewhere :)

The tickets for the home game are not(!) cheep think there bout a 100€, but if isnt on a plain home im up for it anyways.

but anyways i wanna go se the camp nou at some point during the week so maybe the foodball nutters should geet together and make a trip to at least see the stadium -its huuuuuuuuuuuge!

//king of denmark ...


I'm not a big soccer nut, but I wouldn't mind seeing some European football, depends on the cost etc, I'm struggling as it is with money on this trip.

it's not about the game, but

it's not about the game, but the feeling, dude!!!!
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

group tickets are surely

group tickets are surely cheaper. Let's maintain this thread! BTW how far is it away from Drupal Core (Lab?)
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

Nou Camp

...last time we were in Barca we went to the stadium for a look around - awesome! The museum/exhibition thingy is fantastic, I even saw the poster of when Barca played St Mirren (local Paisley football team in Scotland!). Well worth the trip to see the stadium etc. As far as getting there - the public transport in Barcelona is great - so there is not really a problem in getting there, it is a wee bit of a walk from the nearest Metro (through not the nicest part of town, but quiet) but no problem.

I would love to see a game there but I've heard the atmosphere is not as good as you might expect - for sure the football could be fantastic - but (for Brits in particular) I believe it might be a bit, erm, tame? (for a domestic game not including Real YouKnowWho). I also heard there are a lot of season ticket holders who look to sell their tickets (for high prices) to tourists, purely because tourists want to go there.... so keep your eye on the prices.

Otherwise I would say the stadium is well worth a visit (if you like your football) and the museum/exhibition thingy is part of the tour/entrance fee stuff, not to be missed for footy folk.


The tour and the Champions League match

I'd really like to take the tour of Camp Nou, heard great things about it. If you want atmosphere in Spain, you should see Valencia at Mestalla, not Barcelona at Camp Nou. The stands of Camp Nou are so "wide", it's really not that intimate as one would think. Mestalla, however is intimidating ;)

We should gather a group of Drupalers and take the guided tour of Camp Nou! Who else are interested?

I'll also try to look for tickets for the Lyon game. It will probably be VERY expensive, and most likely seats so high up on the stadium you need binoculars. But it's Champions League :) Plan B is to go to a good sports bar in town, which is also a great experience.

Champions League game on 19th

As you might have followed, there will be great game on 19th of Sep, at Camp Nou - 1st game of the Champions League vs. Olympique Lyon. You can check out ticket prices at:
Beautiful opportunity is here ;)

oooh yeah!

we gotta go man -anyone else?

//king of denmark ...

is that wednesday night drupalcon opener?

what are the prices and how much to get there and back?
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)


How much could you save if you were to buy group Theatre Tickets for example ?

price of tickets

Being on the stadium for a Barcelona match is any football fan's dream, but unless you live there and own season tickets, buying one at the day of the match might prove expensive and also impossible.


I had to come back on this, season tickets suck!!!