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Ubercart.org has been around for almost a year as the community hub for the Ubercart project, handling everything from documentation to support to bug tracking. We've taken advantage of many great contributed modules in our site construction, particularly Views + CCK + Contemplate which you'll find behind our new contributions and sites directories as well as the new issue tracker and part of the documentation. While we may be doing things right now, we've done plenty of things wrong along the way and would be more than happy to share our experiences with other site developers and hear what's worked for you.

As with any sort of construction or development, Drupal along with its contributed modules can be approached as a great set of tools. You can read the documentation, learn how to use the tools, and end up with a fine, functioning site. You can open up a wider range of possibilities, however, when you move beyond the docs and start to figure out how to make existing modules work for you in ways the authors may not have foreseen or intended. It helps to know some PHP, but this shop talk session will be all about understanding the tools with maybe a note or two about where to plug in the PHP if you've got the skills.

Ubercart.org has been a great learning experience for us in community development and maintenance, and we'd love to discuss this with anyone interested. We don't have all the answers and are eager to learn more from other community site developers and maintainers. The session will also include a brief run through of the modules we're using and how, including a mention of the modules we've developed/expanded and contributed back to the Drupal community.

No matter where you are in your current site's development, feel free to stop by and talk shop with us!

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Current session outline

Current session outline included in the zip here: