Ubercart Development

Skill level note: To fully understand the session, programmer skill would be required. However, much of the discussion would be fully understandable by anyone with administrator skill on up.

Ubercart, a new e-commerce module package for Drupal, has been in development for almost a year now and is still going strong. While many Drupal site owners, consultants, and development studios have been getting on board using and developing for Ubercart, the project is still an unknown entity in the Drupal community at large. This session is meant to start fixing that, offering anyone who attends a firsthand account of the project, the current status of Ubercart use and development, and a whole host of tips for getting in on the action.

The session will be led by Ryan Szrama, the unofficial project lead and principal coder (along with Lyle Mantooth, who won't be making the trip). A brief background and history of the project will start things off followed by an explanation of the Ubercart design philosophy. In a nutshell, this is nothing new to seasoned Drupallers, as Ubercart is simply mimicking Drupal's hook system to make the cart, checkout, and ordering systems extensible. The main purpose of the time would be to expose as many new administrators and developers as possible to the core features of Ubercart and how they are designed to be extended. We strongly believe in the project and are aggressively seeking as many new developers as possible to start using and developing Ubercart modules. Anyone interested, whether you've heard of Ubercart before or not, would be highly encouraged to come!

Several development studios (including Ny Media AS, Sundays Energy, and Four Kitchens Studios) and independent consultants have been pumping out high quality sites for customers while helpfully contributing modules back to the community. However, we know we need help. There are so many improvements to be made in areas where we know we lack the expertise many of you have! The session will include a brief description of the Ubercart community website, http://www.ubercart.org, and how developers can get involved contributing and finding clients through the site.

Questions would of course be welcome, and I'll be more than happy to hang around and gush about the project to anyone who's willing to listen.

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