Hello Ubercart! (Drupalshow Session)

Proposed Drupalshow session:

For years now, osCommerce and its derivatives have dominated the open source e-commerce scene. While an e-commerce package for Drupal has been actively developed for the past few years, it has yet to achieve the low barrier to entry and bustling community of users and developers necessary to take on the giants. Enter Ubercart.

Ubercart is a module package for Drupal designed to run an online store selling physical goods, site memberships, file downloads, and more. Its primary focuses are on ease of installation, configuration, and use. Furthermore, unlike osC and its derivatives, all of Ubercart's core systems (handling products, checkout, orders, etc.) are extensible in the normal Drupal way - with modules and other community contributions - so you can easily make Ubercart work for you (or pay someone to do it for you!) without hacking any core files.

Standing behind our project, we've spent a lot of time developing a community website with documentation, forums, contributions, a live sites directory, and much more at Ubercart.org. Having been stuck with osCommerce for quite some time ourselves, we have a vested interest in turning Ubercart into a viable competitor and believe we're heading down that road as I type.

Come on by to learn about what's going on in the Uberworld and to get more information on how easy it is to start using Drupal + Ubercart to sell your goods online. The session will deliver information specifically related to Ubercart's main features, including product/catalog administration, checkout, and order administration. I'll be happy to field questions pertaining to design philosophy and the state of current development and available contributions as well.

Our community is growing fast, and we'd love to get more people on board!

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Current session outline

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