Building High Traffic and Scalable Businesses with Drupal

Can Drupal meet the needs of my fast growing business?

More and more startups and high traffic sites are evaluating Drupal as a development platform. I get A LOT of inquires from startups and existing large internet sites interested in switching to or using Drupal and most of theses people have the same questions and concerns that I had 3 years ago when we selected Drupal as the platform for NowPublic. This talk aims to provide an overview and discussion of the common questions and concerns that come up when evaluating Drupal as a platform for developing high traffic, scalable, business and the issues that these businesses face in using Drupal.

It is my hope that this presentation will help people at the conference who are evaluating Drupal or interested in it’s potential as a highly scaleable application framework, and that the Drupal community will gain insight into the concerns of businesses, the topics and concerns often covered in the evaluation process and in using Drupal for business, and that NowPublic and other businesses will get a chance to learn from the community and help themselves by participating and getting more involved.

Furthermore, I hope that this will form the foundation for a set of resources and documents that we can build out over time to facilitate the evaluation process so that individuals or business evaluating Drupal have a solid starting point from which to address their concerns, and so that we encourage more companies to use Drupal!

There is a ton of information and topics one could cover and only a short amount of time for the presentation - below is an outline of some of the areas and questions that I hope to cover, highlighting success stories and analyzing failures or problem areas.

If you have areas you’d like to see covered or specific questions please contact me. If you have evaluated Drupal, are a Drupal success story, or if have had problems using Drupal as a framework I’d love to hear from you too. I’m also looking for folks who want to help in collecting and building out resources on the topic, and I’d like to invite others to participate in this talk and be on hand for the discussion.

I can be reached via drupal (at) michaelmeyers (dot) com or add your comments/information below.


This is the #1 question or area of concern. The vast majority of Drupal users are currently individuals or small sites. Few people question if Drupal can power a personal web site where traffic is low, or if it can be used to run an intranet – but…

Can it serve millions of pages in a day?
Can it deal with large traffic spikes and increases in load?
How easily and cost effectively can this be done? Will it require a ton of hardware?
Does it do this out of the box? What are the roadblocks or changes required to make it scale?
What roadblocks have others run into in this area?
What techniques are folks using to make it scale?

What kind of support is there? Will people help me for free? Can I and where do I go to purchase support?
What should I expect from the community? What does the community expect from ME?
What about backwards compatibility or support for older versions?
Do I have a voice? And what can I do to be heard?
Is the community business friendly?


Are there developers available who know Drupal? How do I retain these Developers?

There are many other topics including: MATURITY, HIGH AVAILABILITY, SECURITY, etc.

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