Affiliated sites: a cross-domain approach

Using the example of the soon-to-be-relaunched Skirt! magazine web sites, we'll dive into the creation of an affiliated network of sites using some key Drupal features.

First, the business rules of Skirt! for background. Skirt! franchises are licensed to major U.S. newspaper companies. The web site rules are:

* One national site with selected content from all affiliates.
* Affiliates with local content and selected national content.
* Local editors can only edit their local content.
* National editors can edit all content and syndicate content across the entire network.
* New affiliates can be brought online quickly.
* Site colors must change monthly to match the print edition.

We solved these issues using a combination of:

* Wildcard DNS with MySQL/Drupal registration of "allowed" domains.
* Node access based on third-level domain
* Selective sharing of tables using settings.php
* "Syndicating" block settings.
* The Color module

The discussion will focus on the business rule challenges, and how Drupal enabled a solution (without hacks).

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