Using Drupal with external data sources

This is a remix of the XML, Mashups, and Drupal-as-Platform talk from OSCMS Sunnyvale. The Sunnyvale session [1] went over very well, and quite few folks didn't know how "lazy instantiation" [2] can be implemented in Drupal.

The talk will cover Drupal's built-in methods for handling external data sources, methods include:

* hook_search()

* connecting to multiple databases within Drupal

* drupal_execute()

* using callbacks with external data sources

At least two and possibly more sample modules will be made available prior to the conference, so that interested attendees can download and take a look at the methods in action. The modules are:

* Pulling XML from [a Spanish real estate site].

* Tabulating data from a MySQL database.

* Integrating Yahoo! Local into search.

* Calling Yahoo! Pipes via menu callback.



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I have posted some samples here:

The first four modules will be discussed during this session.

You can grab the sql file for use with the census.module as well.