Proposed IRC session to arrange accommodation!

Right, there's a lot of people without accommodation still that are not going to get anywhere unless something is done soon. It seems obvious that there are a lot of singletons that are looking to go, but are finding this part hard.

 I propose that all prospective attendees without accommodation participate in an IRC session, to take place soon, to club together and book apartments etc as necessary, and discuss methods of paying, etc. This way we can get times, dates, finance and other stuff all sorted into logical niches.

My initial thought is that we could have a temporary IRC channel (#drupalcon) unless there is an official one (others are being used, inc. -dojo). Someone want to suggest a time, or second this idea? Any takers, please put ideas down here so we can make a swift decision.

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Yeah i second, I need to

Yeah i second, I need to sort out some accommodation and frankly i am finding it tad bit confusing...whats available, how far is it from conference, any drupallers around etc.


Yep, good idea. Don't know what would be an appropriate time though.


I suppose the best way to do it is have a chat at the same time as the Dojo operates, that being GMT+1 7pm, one day this week. Is a weekday ok?

How's tuesday?

Sounds good

And convenient as I'm in GMT+1 :)

Should be able to hop in...

Should be able to hop in... would be a great help.


Let's call it tomorrow then at 7pm GMT+1 (that's 29 Aug). Does anyone know how to get the word out a bit more? Getting this on Drupal Planet would be pretty helpful I think. Like, today.

Please make sure you double check your time zone here - British Summer Time is GMT+1 currently, not GMT for example.

Excellent. So that's at a

Excellent. So that's at a temporary channel #drupalcon... is that on then?

Anyway, even if just three or four of us show up at that time it would still be a great opportunity to arrange our stay. But the more the merrier, I guess.

I'd be interested, too. This

I'd be interested, too. This is the main thing that may keep me from attending since I just can't make any sense out of the possibilities.

We should try to get not only people who don't have accommodations but also people who do, so they can help with ideas. I'd even make the topic a bit broader -- Getting Ready for DrupalCon, or something like that, so we can talk about other related issues like how do you get from the airport to the hotel? Where to find internet connections? What about cell phones (for those of us from the US whose phones won't work). Maybe even set up a time and place to find each other the day before the conference, assuming most people will be coming in a day or so ahead of time to allow time for travel. Are there people who want to get together and sightsee? Or get together and party?

Send this to the development email list, go into IRC and mention it, get a notice put on the front page of the DrupalCon site and both d.o and g.d.o (which could maybe get done by sending the message to the dev list).

Maybe set up a couple sessions, one tomorrow as noted above and another in a couple days for anyone who can't make the first one.

And where are we going to have this? #drupalcon?

Anything else??

I'm trying my best but not

I'm trying my best but not getting very far. I think you're right about broadening the subject matter, but for now I think getting there and staying there is enough. We can open the floor for more info etc after people are at least booked into somewhere.

When everyone knows they're actually going to get there and have a spot etc, then we can worry about net access, food etc huh?

I posted an issue on d.o to get this raised on Planet, but nothing yet. We REALLY need this resolved.

Edit: this is now front page on d.o, so we should get a bit more traction going by tomorrow! :)

I'm in!

I just blogged this event, so it should show up on Drupal Planet shortly as well. Since I have already booked a flight but not a hotel, expect me to be there. ;-)

I'm actually arriving on Sunday the 15th for some vacation time (on the grounds that dagnabbit it's Spain, and I don't get over to that side of the pond very often), so I'm definitely up for sight-seeing, touring, partying, and other non-Drupal things. found il castello

a nice place just 7 min away from the center but on the other side of a river according to google maps.. nevertheless very nice, very cheap, so if there are a few of us, we could make sure to have a mutual taxi ride or alike... hotel reseveration service (worldwide!!)
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

Urgh - my German is kind of non-existent

Any English versions of this service out there. I'll try to be on the IRC but I think I might be doing errands with my kids at that time...



I've spent some time looking for an accommodation. Problem is, lots of hostels are already full and it can be hard to find an inexpensive single room near the centre, but there are still lots of options. I'll be on channel #drupalcon!


As per the d.o thread (and now Planet as well!) the finalised time/place for this is:

#drupalcon on IRC ( at 7pm (GMT + 1), 29th August. That's TODAY, now - so invite anyone you think needs to be there!


We will be repeating the IRC session at the same time tonight to try and finalise this.

PM NikLP for access to the google spreadsheet which might help (kinda)

Thanks! I totally spaced

Thanks! I totally spaced yesterday at 2 PM EST in the U.S. and forgot to join the discussion. Good idea on the follow-up session.