Presentation of Drupal powered sites

Could be either a cession for Drupalcon or Drupalshow.


Presentation of different existing Drupal sites. Real sites not 3 members and 100 page vues a month :). Ie for example 1.000 members or a million page vue a month or more than a year of interesting experience...

The idea is to have maybe 4-5 different sites with each 5 mn presentation of experience, modules used, lesson learned... and 5-10 mn questions, exchanges...

Among the sites presented :

Update : to make this an interesting cession, we need more than one site :) . Thanks to join with other various interesting sites... Email-me directly (malo at and I will update this.

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Perhaps each site that hopes

Perhaps each site that hopes to present can talk about why they feel they should present. I'm sure there are interesting things about but they aren't readily apparent to me.

Alexa doesn't always provide accurate data, but I don't see that the site is getting a million views a month.

Good idea

The idea is to find 5 interesting sites and to discuss them. I presented fest21 but will be more than happy if we find 5 more interesting sites :).

I remind you that Alexa is specially well known for it's unreliability but for the conditions I wrote "or" for the conditions. And fest21 has 1.050 members, more than 1 year... It is a general idea.. no no kidding!
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

We'd love to present about:

We'd love to present about:
* Witness Video Hub
* Amnesty Internation