Drupal vs Facebook

Those are 2 different worlds but it could be interesting, following the success (in terms of number of users, number of applications, widgets dissemination, ease of use...) to analyze what can be learned for Drupal from the Facebook implementation, design, strategy...

This is more an open discussion than a presentation. I would like to partner with someone more technical than myself (we run 4 Drupal sites but I do not code) to share insights, prepare together and participate to the debate with everybody.

Update : phillamb168 an expert Facebook developper also presenting The Facebook Platform and Drupal will join to co-host this cession. Thanks Philip :).

Update 2 : Dave Cohen another Facebook expert presenting Drupal for Facebook will also join us. Thanks Dave.


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Merge sessions

I have proposed a workshop on social networking in Drupal. Maybe we can join forces ?


I'd also like to present about Facebook


I'm a bit late to the party, it seems. I'm also planning a presentation regarding facebook: http://barcelona2007.drupalcon.org/node/630

We should talk about possible collaboration. I've tried to reach you via your contact page as well.