Trip Time from Catalunya to Cornellà Centre?

Hi all,

We are planning to stay at a hotel near Catalunya Metro/train station. I looked on the TMB map and saw that there are two lines that pass from Catalunya to Cornellà Centre (R1 and R4). Are these trains? I couldn't find their time tables on the TMB site. How much time does that ride take? Is it more than 30 minutes? And how frequently do these trains run?

Another question, how long is the ride from  Diagonal metro station using L5 to Cornellà Centre?

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you.


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Lines R1 and R4 are

Lines R1 and R4 are 'surroundings' trains, also known as C1 and C4 ('Rodalies' in Catalan and 'Cercanias' in Spanish. You need to take the R4 to Cornellà from Plaça Catalunya. It takes 15 minutes aprox. (plus waking) and leaves every 15 minutes aprox.

These trains are run by RENFE, the National Spanish Railway company:

TMB is a local company that runs all other public transport within Barcelona and surroundings. You will find metro and buses times on their web page ( With the metro you will have a 45 minutes trip aprox. (including walking to the venue) from Plaça Catalunya.

You will find some detailed information on