Creating Applications with Drupal

This session will look into how to leverage Drupal to create full scale end-to-end applications (as opposed to general community web sites). The discussion will touch on the common needs of web-based applications and look at how to cluster existing functionality and modules in order to meet these needs. A major portion of the discussion will also be spent talking about gaps in functionality that still have not been bridged.

A few sample discussion topics:
- User Management - tools for integrating to remote user databases (such as LDAP or AD). Problems with the current techniques and possible solutions.
- Utilizing workflow module for creating end user processes.
- Group Based permissions - tools for advanced access control and problems encountered using them.
- Views Integration - hurdles involved with advanced needs such as SQL aggregation and complex ERD support.

A moderate to high level of Drupal knowledge will be assumed of participants. However, those with lower experience levels should also be able to gain value by learning what tools are available and what their capabilities are.

The presenters are developers of an operational Drupal-based application deployed in major research institutions for managing administrative needs. They will be prepared to demo the radioactive isotope tracking and management system, which is one component of the tool suite developed. (Full application info here: )

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Merging Sessions


In the interest of saving participant's time, there is discussion about merging this session with another very similar one:

So, if you sign up for this session please be aware that it may move to 11:00-12:00 in the same room. If your contact information is provided in your profile I will notify everyone that is signed up of the change.

Please post any comments you may have about this, or any desired topics you'd like hit.