Rich Internet Applications with Flex

Despite what the media will have you believe, rich Internet applications
(RIAs) and AJAX are not new. With Web businesses like Google and Yahoo! and brick and mortar companies like Harley Davidson and Sherwin Williams embracing RIAs for their online presence, the media buzz is giving way to the reality of a better Internet. Rich Internet applications are everywhere.

Adobe Flex provides a powerful way to develop front end interfaces for rich Internet applications. When combined with a Drupal backend, Flex allows developers to build rich and beautiful applications with ease.

In this session, Christoph Rooms from Adobe will show how the Adobe Flex team is using Drupal with a Flex front end to showcase applications built with Flex on the new Showcase at

Visitors will gain an understanding of how Flex and Drupal can be used
together to easily create applications that provide a great user

This keynote session will be given by Christoph Rooms of Adobe

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