Showcase: From Flash To Drupal

I'd like to show a site I built for a music equipment company, in which they were looking to create an unusual site design, and integrate it with a community and community features.

The goal was to imitate a highly designed Flash site that shows a matrix of cards, each with small amount of info. The matrix can be scrolled horizontally, and operations can be made on each card. The specification is not finished by the public view of the site, since data entry has to be well designed as well. The original flash site is (hope it is ok to put the link here).

I'd like to show how I implemented the site, using, among others:
* Heavy theming due to the unusual design, and standards compliance/cross-browser requirement.
* Extending the imagefield module to enable in-place image cropping and scaling using interface elements & jquery.
* CCK usage, Views, views theming, exposing sort methods.
* Jcarousel integration.
* Article moderation workflow.
* Importing nodes from an RSS feed.
* favorites, userpoints, voting, emailing nodes.

The site is still not online for public consumption - hopefully will be by the time of the conference. You can see a screenshot here:

The presentation can take a high-level direction, or a technical direction - depending on requests/questions from the crowd.

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Can i get modified

Can i get modified imagefield module?

Do you manipulate image GUI with JQuery plugins?

Pls replay.

yes and yes :)

Yes, I am working on cleaning up the code in the correct manner so it can be used by others..

I am using Resizable from Jquery plugin 'Interface Elements' (google for it).

There were no slides

in this presentation.

However, I plan to post to a detailed description of how the site was built, which is exactly what we went through in the session. I might also be able to put up a demo site as well.

I will post the update here as well, if this site is still available.

I would also like to apologize to all attendees of the presentation for the technical difficulties. If you would like to see more, or have questions, feel free to contact me.

imagefield_crop module released

I have just released the code I used for cropping the images in this site.

Sorry for the delay in posting the description on, I can't do so until I have approval from the customer, and still working on that.