OpenID: it's in core... now what?

OpenID is a way for individuals to create identity online and use it anywhere OpenID is supported. As a protocol, it's gaining rapid adoption across the internet, and has the support and backing of some major companies and organization. For Drupal, it offers a secure, non-Drupal specific alternative for distributed authentication. Drupal 6 will include support in core... so now what?

We'll look at how dist auth has traditionally worked in Drupal vs how OpenID works differently (the changes are fundamental) and discuss how we can change core moving forward to best accommodate the new paradigm. This includes things like, allowing restrictions of which authentication methods are allowed, prioritizing them, etc.

We'll also look at what else is happening in the OpenID and Identity 2.0 worlds and how Drupal can best benefit and make use of those coming protocols and technologies.

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