Drool (Drupal tool): Site management and rapid theme design

Download the drool presentation slides from here.

See the video of the presentation here. 

This session will be presented by Nick Blundell and Matthew Shepherd from Illuminate ICT , a UK non-profit organisation that provides low-cost Drupal website design and hosting to the community, voluntary and non-profit sector, and will focus on the use of a newly developed (about to be released) open source command-line tool called drool (drupal tool).

drool automates the mundane tasks of managing Drupal websites on a server and also offers a few more novel features, which include:

* Creating new sites

* Installing modules and themes directly from drupal.org

* Hosting multiple Drupal versions

* Cloning one drupal site to another - handy when you don't want to start a site from scratch.

* Packing up whole sites (e.g. configuration and data) into single file packages that can be shipped across and unpacked onto another server.

* Rapid theme design by automated skinning of images (i.e. chopping/slicing them up for css scaling) onto a special drool theme. For example, you can draw an image for a block, skin it; draw an image for the page, skin it; draw an image for the header/footer, skin it. By definition, the applied skins will stretch to hold dynamic content (e.g. a wide/narrow, long/short side-bar block/page/header/footer/user-specified regions).

In practice, the command looks something like this:

> drool new www.sitex.com

> drool clone www.anothersite.com www.sitex.com

> drool skin www.somesite.org.uk footer myfooterimage.png


Here are some examples of sites that we have developed with the help of drool:



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drush like

how does this relate to drush.module? drush has been gaining traction. perhaps you can port some of your features to drush. let's join forces.

The theming part was pretty

The theming part was pretty cool. When you release it I will certainly check it out!