Using Drupal itself to prototype your Drupal based web application

To show how flexible and powerful Drupal is to those used to some of the more simple minded and yet bloated CMSs, let's show what a vanilla production distribution might look like for sites say at the intermediate level of complexity, and how we can take some use case ideas from the crowd and then:

1. Prototype site navigation.

2. Prototype content types.

3. Prototype views and embedded views, panels and homespun panels (pages with embedded views).

4. Prototype easy front-page and section-front-page panneling.

5. Prototype workflow.

At least one start-to-finish example will be shown in several stages.

[Note: Dries once blogged about Death to Visio Site Maps! How Clear Ink uses Drupal for Information Architecture, Prototyping, and Project Management. This "Drupalshow and tell" attempts to see how this goes in actual practice, especially with non-trivial cases.]

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