Drupal in the US Government: use-cases at NASA for events and community building

This is a non-technical discussion of the challenges and opportunities in getting agencies of the US government to adopt Drupal, as well as presentation as a case study of the needs we had at NASA for software to help organize our conferences and to build an online community. We'll do a demo of the resulting new NASACoLab.org site developed by Chapter3, which will also be a new install profile (http://groups.drupal.org/conference-organizing-distribution).

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Other examples of Drupal in government are welcome...

If anyone else with experience using Drupal for government applications / clients would like to present in this session, you're welcome to! :)


Thanks for coming everyone! It was great to see 50-60 people in the room, and also to get such good questions on a non-technical presentation! I'll post here when NASACoLab.org launches, and when major developments on the Conference Organizing Distribution for Drupal occur.