Free Drupal Development Environment (From install CD boot to site deployment)

Learn how to turn your notebook or desktop into a highly productive Drupal development environment using Free and Open Source software, allowing you to build sites, code modules and themes and manage them using CVS and SVN version control systems.

This session is targeted at people with very basic *nix familiarity under their belt (i.e. knowing how to change directories and edit files), and some basic Drupal development/integration experience (i.e. has previously installed Drupal and some modules locally or on a webhost).

The tutorial will cover:

  • How to install the Ubuntu GNU/Linux Operating System
  • How to best install and configure the LAMP stack for Drupal development
  • How to install and configure the Eclipse IDE
  • How to use the Eclipse IDE to develop modules and themes, and to manage the code in CVS and SVN version control systems

Because of how short sessions are this will likely be a "here is one I prepared earlier" session (i.e. we won't wait for things to actually download and install), but I will focus on working through the trickier parts of the installation & configuration.

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I want free eclipse IDE cd or dvd.