Lightning Talks

Speed dating, Drupal style.

The proposed format is a 5 minute presentation every 7 minutes for the alloted time. I am aware there was a session like this at the last conference, but I am not sure what the format was. Please comment if you know what the format was, or if you can advice me what works and what doesn't work.

Contact me if you wish to present. Provide your name and subject brief. Thanks!



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icon.png seeks nice blue cms

a presentation of an icon collection an module that makes drupal looks even more sexy!

//king of denmark ...


We (Sophea Lerner and Kaustubh Srikanth) would like to present ,SHIFT, an online platform for collaborative soundscape based on movements through urban space.

Our primary interests are exploring the possibilities of working with sound using Drupal as part of a sustainable, standard architecture for working with collaborative and participatory online audio based environments.

Category Aggregator

Probably also plug a new module I just commited called Category Aggregator, written by a colleague and me.