Share a hostel room?

Last year at DrupalCon Brussels I shared a 4 bed hostel room with 3 other Drupalers. This was:

- cheap (breakfast included)

- safe (no backpack people entering and leaving in the middle of the night)

- convenient (each one gets a key)


I'd like to arrange this in Barça as well. Anyone interested? (Anyone knows of a good place to stay?)


I'm staying from the 18th until the 24th. And I'm recovering from knee surgery, so I'm looking for a place close to Plaça Catalunya train station. (I might even take a taxi to the DrupalCon center, so we could share that too.)



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Hi Gaele I was one of those

Hi Gaele

I was one of those people in the room in Brussels, but I've already managed to get a hotel for this year.


Alan! It will be good to see

Alan! It will be good to see you there. And just now Rok is showing up in the registrants list on the right. Hi Rok!

Still looking for such an

Still looking for such an arrangement.
There's no big company paying my expenses, so that sounds like a good idea to me.


Let me know if something is

Let me know if something is happening here. I'm still looking for reasonably priced accommodation - since my flights are so expensive.

I too am looking for a room / roommate...

I'm coming in from New York, and would love to share with anyone who has a room! :)


to lyricnz

Simon. fyi, Caitlin and I have decided to hostel-hop inner-city.

Centric Point Hostel - Excellent

Hi there

In November last year I stayed at the most fabulous hostel ever. I did a round-the-world trip and stayed at _many_ hostels and this was by far the nicest one. Facilities all clean and new (the bedrooms & the bathrooms), beautiful building recently renovated, AWESOME location, staff friendly and professional and most importantly free wifi! I know this sounds like an advertisement but I assure you I'm not affiliated in any way. The area feels a little more upmarket and safe than Las Ramblas but is in comfortable walking distance of them as well.

Here's the info from when I booked last year. It ended up costing about twenty euro a night which included a continental breakfast.

Centric Point Hostel
Address: Passeig de Gracia 33, Barcelona Catalunya 08007, Spain
Telephone: +34932312045

Metro: Passeig de Gracia stop - green and yellow lines.


you're probably right, but there's no availability on more than one night out of the essential ones, so that's a no go really :(


Having found out how far away from the DrupalCon my hostel was, I went looking for a hostel closer to the center of Barcelona. And Centric Point Hostel sounded just perfect, so I booked a bed there for the days when the DrupalCon is on. This way, I'll get two quiet days in a peaceful hostel on the outskirts of town, and then stay in the heart of Barcelona and near the important metro stops while the DrupalCon lasts. Perfect :)

In other words: Thanks for the tip!

Itaca Hostel

I decided to stay at Itaca Hostel. It's close to Catalunya and Ramblas, and looking all right from the pictures and reviews. Breakfast not included but available. €22 for a bed in an 8 bed dorm. Currently 5 more beds available.

Also at Itaca


Thanks for sharing that link. I've reserved a bed there too. See you then,