Industrial grade deployment on SAMP

This session examines the emerging trend to deploy Drupal on SAMP (Solaris - Apache - MySQL - PHP)

Take advantage of the security, reliability, and performance advantages of OpenSolaris.

Learn how to use:

  • Service Management Facility for managing Drupal deployment dependencies, and quickly diagnosing configuration problems
  • Dtrace for finding the hamster wheels in your code, instrumenting for observability during peak loads, and understanding the behavior of your Modules during execution
  • ZFS for easy filesystem management - grow, migrate, and backup Drupal content quickly and easily with ZFS, while improving the end-to-end integrity of your data
  • RBAC for fine grained administrator Role Based Access Control

We'll also discuss how to take advantage of the AMP stack optimized for Solaris (Cool Stack,) and techniques for transitioning from Linux to Solaris for developers and administrators.

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