recording the conference sessions

Is anybody planning recording of the sessions in Barcelona for distribution to the community?

in Brussels there were some issues last year with the video recording of the sessions (e.g. My camera couldn't even record a full session in one, issues with the tape format, etc.). On Lullabot I heard about plans to organise sessions with the dojo at the last summit, but I haven't come accross the results of that, did that work out? If so, can we organise something similar for Barcelona?

An alternative and maybe more failsafe solution would be to organise simple audio recordings, I'm sure a lot of people have mp3 recorders. Post conference they could be synchronised with the ppts with a tool like slidecast ( or maybe we could do screencaptures on all the presentation pc's and synchronise those? Does anybody have experience with that?

I will bring my recorder, if you have one and can bring it to Barcelona please post a reply to this post.


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No problem

Well, the Citilab is prepared for being able to offer the conferences in streaming by Internet . We are negotiating the form and that one who will be of everything in charge but he is one of the ideas that we pursue from a beginning.

Obviously you are invited to recording (in audio or video) the lectures.


don't forget to eventually

don't forget to eventually offer a burnable image for cd or dvd!!

AND if you will, also provide in addition just the audio session streams for mp3 players ... (ok, ogg!)
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

recorded audio and video by citilab

Did I get this straight? Citilab will be providing videostreams of the conferences? Will they be recording these?
That would be great. All the conferences on one or x DVDs.

I'd be willing to help with cutting or whatever is necessary. I'll have my MacBook with me. iMovie and iDVD may not be the most professional tools but they'll do the job and they'll do it fast.

Citilab will provide video

Citilab will provide video streaming for sessions of the Pickteck room 'only'

I'll bring my cam with me.

I'll bring my cam with me. No tripod though, trying to travel light. Maybe one of you locals can bring one...

From past recordings I know that the audio is crucial. most cams (including mine) won't pick up good audio from a distance. So it is a good idea to have as many sources as possible.


Ill take the tripod.

Ill take the tripod.

I'll be recording the

I'll be recording the sessions I attend just as last year (see and will post them on my site. I'll try to do them as audio nodes this time. On second thought, having a central location for them would be even better (and less demanding on my server).

Dominik Lukeš

I can't make it - but would love to see recordings

I did a podcast/write up once about recording live events if anyone is interested in a few tips:

I wanted to point out that hosting on is free if hosting large media files is an issue

Last, if any one is making recording please try to make get a microphone on the speaker at all times if possible.

Not trying to be preachy, just really want to see some of the sessions.

Last, I am willing to pitch in a few bucks for recording equipment if need be - hopefully others will too. Don't know how to cooordinate this but it would be great to have a least decent audio recordings plus slides

I once purchased a used minidisc recorder and a used mic for cheap for a solid portable audio recrding rig:

Hope others are interested too - I would kill to go but am short on cash and vacation time

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