Social Networking Techniques and Potential

Drupal has some awesome social networking modules and capabilities, but it's arsenal has a few glaring ommissions.


Some Theory


Stéphane Corlosquet from DERI will present some concepts of the semantic web, and how they can be used to deal with the ever growing amount of data available on the web. The SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities) technology and some other practical examples will be presented. Bring your ideas! Other inputs welcome.


Some Practical


Peter Brownell will talk about the experiences he has had building a few experimental social networking sites with Drupal. gave him hell for waay too long.


Some More


We are mainly interested in a workshop to share techniques and perhaps make a few plans for future. If you have some other experiences, join in.


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semantic web

I really enjoyed this session it was great! I specially was interested about the semantic web part. Stephane's slides were amazing!!!!! It would be really cool to have a copy to share the knowledge with other developers.