How to Contribute to Drupal

This topic will be all about how to contribute to the Drupal community, in a number of different areas. While there'll be information for the hackers, even if you have only ever installed Drupal, you can help the project you know and love become even better.

Topics covered will include:
- Participation? Feh. What's in it for me?
- Community philosophy: Whys and Hows, Dos and Donts.
- Documentation: Helping other people not bash their heads against the same stuff you have.
- Helping with user support: Or, how to have a never-ending supply of clients.
- Maneuvering issue queues with speed and finesse.
- Patch review strategies that would make Dries proud.
- Taking control I: How to help get bugs fixed, and features in, even if you're not a coder.
- Taking control II: CVS, Patch, and how to use them to fix all that stuff you wish worked differently in Drupal.

Probably part of this will be some kind of class participation "real world" fixing of a problem in Drupal, so you can see first-hand how things work in the community. Stop on by!

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