(Dis)Organizing a Drupal Local User Group: lessons learned


This session is open to anyone in a local user group or anyone who wants to have a local user group but doesn' t know where to start.

Format: round-table discussion. There are likely no experts here, only a lot of people with about 1.5 years of experience.

Topics to discuss:


  • Techniques to start a group
  • Getting free books and other treats for members
  • Popular topics and meeting formats
  • Balancing the need for content appropriate to new users and advanced developers
  • How the Drupal Association can support local user groups
  • Anything else



Greg Knaddison (greggles) - (Dis)Organizer of the Drupal Denver/Boulder User Group - is a Drupal Developer for pingVision. When not organizing Drupal Denver/Boulder User Group meetings or presenting about it, he likes to travel with his wife.

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I'd be interested in

I'd be interested in participating in this discussion, I've been involved with building the Seattle DUG and Seattle DrupalCamps over the last year or so.


Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group

Wish I was there for the Lesson's Learned (Dis). We've been very active in helping to promote Drupal in Chicago and continue to improve from lessons learned. Please check out http://drupal.org/node/160239#comment-256755 - Also, Crell mentioned at the last CDMUG that he'd be in Barcelona - So he might have some info about the user group as well.