Translating Drupal (the new way)

Brief summary

This session aims at answering the following two questions:

  1. How to make a module or JavaScript file translatable?
  2. How to translate Drupal projects with the new web interface?


This session will introcude the new Drupal project translation interface developed by myself with support from Google Summer of Code 2007. The new web based localization server changes workflows of how Drupal projects (the core itself, as well as contributed modules, themes and install profiles) are translated.

Translators can finally forget about CVS and possibly even working with Gettext files, if the web based interface is enough for their needs. hosted projects automatically get their translations interfaces on the localization server, so translators can provide their text for different releases of these projects easily.

We will also discuss how translatable modules are made, and will cover best practices, so translators know how modules are supposed to be written and can help module builders if their modules are not up to expectations.

Target audience

This session is aimed at people interested in providing translations for Drupal core, modules, themes and install profiles. Those who would like to use these translations on their site should check out the Multilingual Drupal presentation (which offers a lot more). We will also cover some module development and Drupal API details for PHP and JavaScript translations.

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