Here's a map of where people are staying

If you have already made lodging reservations for DrupalCon Barcelona 2007, please add a comment here saying where. Include a map URL if possible. This will help people who have yet to make reservations decide "where the action will be." :-)

Here's a map showing the responses so far along with a few other useful points of interest:

UPDATE on Sep 16, 2007: I have added all normal map links posted to this thread to my public DrupalCon Barcelona 2007 map. If you posted your own "My Maps" link here I do not know how to add those entries to my map; if you want to me add your location, either post a link that shows a "Save to my maps" link or tell me how to merge your map into mine.

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We're staying in the Music Hall B&B just north of the Placa Catalunya.

Great map, Barry!

- Ken Rickard

Hesperia Sant Joan Suites


Google Map:

As you can see, we're (we: I'm sharing a room with AjK) only 3km away from the DrupalCon location :)


Me, my manager (Janak) and my colleague (Nikos) are staying there too... :-)

Hotel Peninsular


My wife (well, she will be by then...) and I are staying in an apartment near Las Ramblas. I've updated the original post in this thread to link to a map showing all the responses so far.

Slumming it

In a desperate effort to save a few overpriced (from an American perspective) Euros, I'm staying at a hostel "near" Sagrada Familia:,5,+barcelona+spa...

Still looking for accomodation

I still haven't booked anything yet, and am finding everything SO expensive! Does anyone want a roommate?


4 belgians

Since all 4 of us are belgians, you have the biggest chance of finding good beer by hanging around in our neighbourhood! ;-)

These are the 4 guys from the Quadrupal team: Bruno De Bondt, Joeri Poesen, Jo Wouters and Roel De Meester

Greetings Joeri: Quadrupal team

The IlluminateICT team (Matthew Shepherd and Nick Blundell) are also staying at that hostel (Sant Jordi Sants Hostel) if you want to meet up.


NH Cornella

I'm staying at the NH Cornella, which is very very close to the DrupalCon site.

See you.

I'm staying at the same hotel.
See you.

Estoy alojado en el mismo hotel.
Nos vemos.

Arrvial Infos

Yes, I plan to stay there as well... Idea to share rides from and to the airport?? Drop me a line thru the contact tab!! How did you book for what rate??

Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

Booking info

I booked at and got 5 nights (sep. 18.-23.) for EUR 61 a night.

I will let you know when i

I will let you know when i got my travel plans sorted out after 9/11 ... THx 4 the msg..

Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

Wrong currency

What I meant was GBP 61. Got my currencies mixed up there.

still a greater price than

still a greater price than from other sites i have seen THX!
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

Me too. Arriving Tuesday

Me too. Arriving Tuesday evening.

Cary Gordon

NH Cornellá

Hi, I am staying there too. Would be good to share a ride from the airport.

When do you arrive?

And what airline? I am arriving on Air France from Paris at 2120 on Tuesday.

I am arriving earlier

I arrive Tuesday at 16:25h from Berlin in Easyjet. I am afraid too early to wait and share a Taxi :-/

Hotel Nuevo Triunfo

I'm staying at the Hotel Nuevo Triunfo booked through (I have been using them since the DrupalCon in Brussels and found them very informative and reliable).

Dominik Lukeš


Carrer de Marià Aguiló, 45 08005, Barcelona, Spain

The Drupal community probably knows Rok Zlender, Konstantin Käfer, and myself best among us. Less known are Alan Evans, Ianiv Schweber, Peter Galiba, Michael Meyers and maybe Michael Tippett will be there as well.

I hope a hackathon can happen there on the 23th. See devel list.

Garden House hostel

Garden House hostel on Google Maps

I've booked a bed in the Garden House hostel after hearing really good things about it. I just found out it's way out on the other side of Barcelona, but it is close to the metro line L3 so it's no hassle to get to and from the venue.. it just takes a bit longer than from the center of town.

Edit: I'll only stay there form 17th to 19th, after which I'll be staying at Centric Point Hostel in Passeig the Grácia in the center of town.

hotel Nuevo Triunfo

here is a link to my hotel


bert boerland

I will be staying at the Hostel Ciudad Condal.
Google map link:

Victor Kane

Itaca Hostel

Same as...


I really want to come to this event but am struggling with accommodation due to the expense. I would gladly share a room or something if anyone wants to hook up and split the cost.

If we could perhaps get a large place with lots of room I guess that would be cool, but anything will do. I can probably manage about €40 a night MAX, which isn't much but it's a start.

PS I snore; I like beer and curry :)

Oasis Hotel

From London

Me, Peter Brownell (Greenman), Chris Maiden, and Morihiro Sugimoto will be coming from London and staying at the Tasso Apartment from 18th - 24th Spetember.


Booked it through this site, which has excellent places:

Hopefully the apartment will be as good as the photos ;-)

See you all there.



any spare room...? I'm dying to go but this accommodation lark is really starting to get beyond a joke.

Good idea

Sharing an apartment with 2-3 others seems to be relatively inexpensive (compared to hotels).
I'd like to stay in Barcelona from 18th - 25th, and would be happy to share an apartment.


Ours is full, but seems like there's a few other people interested in the idea of sharing an apartment, so should be easy for anyone that wants to organise it to find a few Drupal flatmates and book another one.

Well worth the effort as rates are really cheap ;-)

NH Cornellá.

I'm staying at the NH Cornella, which is very very close to the DrupalCon site.
If you are at the same hotel, let me know.
See you.

Estaré alojado en NH Cornellá, muy cerca de la DrupalCon.
Si estás en el mismo hotel, dímelo.
Nos vemos.

NH Hotel Next 2 Drupal HQ

Yes, I plan to stay there as well... Idea to share rides from and to the airport?? Drop me a line thru the contact tab!! How did you book for what rate??

Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)


The CivicActions quarterly retreat will be held 9/15 - 9/18, just before DrupalCon. We will have over 25 people in Barcelona during those dates, with many many people staying for DrupalCon. Here's a nice Google Map. Overlay Barry's and it's pretty handy!

Communitysteps @Sagrada Família

I will be staying in an apartment a few blocks from Sagrada Família. Might have a spare bed available if someone wants to share. Arriving Sept 18 and leaving Sept 24.


BCN Loft off Ramblas

Got a private double in a cheap hostel in a central location. At BCN Loft hostel -

Great and affordable option.

Great and affordable option. I booked there as well.

SPAWAR at Hotel Zenit

7 or 8 of us from SPAWAR are staying here:

Hotel Zenit
Carrer de Santaló 8
08021 Barcelona, Spain

Glaswegian geek and non-geek

Glaswegian geek and non-geek partner staying in apartment near Ramblas/Catalunya Square:

Look forward to maybe hooking up Tuesday night for a beer in the hotel as mentioned on the other post.

See you guys there!


We finally booked...

rczrama (ubercart dev) and his lovely wife (is that ok Ryan...?), myself (NikLP - general gimp; beer & curry QA), elv (French), flk (GSOC mentor, general legend by the looks of profile page) and snufkin (modules, ghoulash) are now booked! It only three days! Not bad for six people from four different countries I guess... :)

We'll be at this pretty swank-looking gaff near the Sagrada Familia in Eixample:

Map: not sure, this is "near" until we get there...!

Castillo de

The princess and I will be at the Aramunt Apartments,2.159092...

There will be NO drinking and geeking in the castle - and the lights will be off at 21.00!

//king of denmark ...

OOO conference

It seems the Open Office Conference will be near your apartment

sweet :)

as always i have planned everything down to the last detail ;)

//king of denmark ...


You expect us to believe that, o mighty king?

If so, I have a bridge for sale. Contact me!

Friends place

Staying at friends place, see,+ba... - graphic design and web applications

I'm staying at Hotel Felipe

Chad (hunmonk) and myself