Drupal and the future of news

This session will draw from members of the Newspapers on Drupal group.

Topics will include:

1) How technology is redefining news coverage.
2) Drupal modules and techniques that make for effective news coverage.
3) Sample news sites built on Drupal.
4) Solving workflow challenges for traditional news organizations.

Panel is hosted by Ken Rickard of Morris DigitalWorks and SavannahNOW.

Panelists include:
* Steve Yelvington, of MDW and BlufftonToday.

* Bert Boerland of Getronics-PinkRoccade.

* Michael Meyers of NowPublic.

Scheduler Note: Steve Yelvington, one of the newspaper industry's online innovators will be in Barcelona for a full day only on Thursday, so we would like to schedule for that day.

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Sorry to be a problem

Right ... sorry to be a problem, but I was able to get this to work only by piggybacking onto a conference of the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers, where I'm speaking Tuesday morning in Strassbourg. Due to plane schedules I can't get to BCN airport until noon Wednesday.

More panelists

Additions to the panel:

Moshe Weitzman of Drupal fame and the New York Observer relaunch.

Jonathan Lambert of WorkHabit and Publish 2.0.

Damien Cirotteau of Rue89.